Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jennifer Clark and Missoula County Police Department Detective Chris Shermer keep playing games. There will soon be an internal investigation on the Missoula Police and the Missoula County Attorney office I hope. As the Bill Windsor case is proving without a doubt they are deeply corrupt and protecting the University of Montana to stalk, harass, bully reporters and suppress TRUE, Rampant corruption in Montana.

Jennifer Clark and Missoula County Police Department Detective Chris Shermer have made serious misrepresentations and should be sanctioned, investigated, and under Federal Charges. Yet they threaten Bill Windsor AGAIN. They are unlawful, unfactual, unconstitutional and they violate the human rights and civil rights of a reporter telling the WHOLE Truth and nothing but regarding Montana Corruption, yet say he is misrepresenting them and if "HE" continues then "HE" will be sanctioned?? What??

They have misrepresented, made up and flat out LIED about what they claim Bill Windsor, reporter, documentary producer, and anti-corruption blogger has done, said, and tweeted. And they have put him in jail in multiple states over it, yet they threaten some sort of sanction for blogging what they are saying? WOW.

No First Amendment in Montana folks.

And I wonder what these alleged "SANCTIONS" would be? Take away his birthday?  They have taken his time, his money, jailed  him, violated his civil and human rights, harassed him, lied to him and about him, broken the law, violated his rights to due process and his constitutional rights and really what else can they do? Fine him with some ridiculous, lawless, unconstitutional whiny SANCTION?

They are going to trial on made up charges. They falsely imprisoned a journalist for reporting on TRUE corruption in Montana, on my story of what really, actually happened.

The Missoula County Attorney is the one that should be sanctioned, and not only that but brought up on Federal RICO criminal charges for what they are ALL in co-conspiracy on.

Now we see the Missoula County Attorney threatens sanctions if there is misrepresentation of her willy nilly yap, YET the Missoula County Attorney has made all this up in order to FRAME Bill Windsor and cover up their own crimes.

Wa Wa SANCTIONS, what a Joke. They break the law, across state lines and violate all of our rights as we are harassed and attacked for years by the University of Montana and they cry SANCTIONS? What a Crock.

Check this Out.

"Bill Windsor is still out of prison.  Here's  quick update onpossible federal criminal charges against him for Tweeting from Texas.
There was a MAJOR development in the Bill Windsor criminal case on August 17, 2015 when William M. Windsor was advised that he may expect to be arrested on federal charges of allegedly sending a Tweet, sending an email to an attorney, and publishing the name of Sean Boushie, the man who attempted to kill him.
This was communicated to me by Missoula County Attorney, Jennifer Clark.  This is presumably the statute -- 18 U.S.C. 2262.  I've not committed a crime, and certainly haven't violated this statute.
When I arrived "home" this evening after a very dangerous drive, I received this email from Missoula County Attorney, Jennifer Clark:
"From: Jennifer Clark < jsclark@co.missoula.mt.us>;
To: windsorinmontana@yahoo.com 
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 2:57 PM
Subject: False information
"Mr. Windsor:
"I have been advised of information you posted on your website that I told you to expect Federal Charges.  This is a misrepresentation and I would like you to correct the false information that you are sharing.
"thank you"
Here is my response to Jennifer Clark:
"I published that you told me it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney.  That was what both Christopher Daly and I understood.  As you will recall, he then said that I should not be surprised (or should expect ...not sure which) some Federal Marshals to come grab me.
"May I ask who you spoke with at the U.S. Attorney's Office?  I'd like to speak with them.
"I will post your email and my response online.  I'll check what someone else may have written to be sure the proper story is reflected.
"I would never intentionally misrepresent anything that you say."
Here is what was published on Facebook: ..."the big news is that it looks like William M. Windsor will soon be facing federal charges for his alleged Tweet, email, and publishing the name of the man who tried to kill him."
This was also published on Facebook: "So, Bill Windsor is probably headed to 'jail' again. Federal Marshals will arrest him and put him in a federal prison of some type. It's going to be like starting all over. This is kind of like Chinese Water Torture."

When Jennifer Clark and Missoula County Police Department Detective Chris Shermer spoke with me about this, they had huge ****-eating grins on their faces, laughing.
I asked Jennifer Clark what was going to happen, and she said it was in the hands of the Feds.
So, it looks to me like I will soon be facing Federal Charges for Tweeting, etc.
Sure sounded probable to both my court-appointed back-up counsel and me.
In fact, the public defender said while we were with the bad guys that I should expect Federal Marshals to show up and grab me.  He told me as we walked out of the courthouse that I would get a new public defender back-up counsel from federal court.  Sure soundedprobable to me.
I doubt that Jennifer Clark will tell me who she spoke with at the U.S. Attorney's Office.  She wouldn't even  tell me what I was charged with back in January. 
Michael W. CotterPatricia Cotter
I plan to call the U.S. Attorney for Montana tomorrow.  The U.S. Attorney for Montana isMichael W. Cotterand he is married to Montana Supreme Court Justice Patricia Cotter.  Justice Patricia Cotter is an extremely corrupt judge who has legally raped me on several occasions.  I'm sure Michael W. Cotter will "love" me, if he doesn't already.
Some of the crimes committed by courts are done by the clerk of the court staff. 

I am experiencing this yet again with the federal court is Missoula Montana.  It appears that they are destroying my filings.  I have mailed to them three times and called them three times about my appeal of the refusal of Patricia Cotter and her associates to hold a hearing on my motion to disqualify
 Judge James A. Haynes in my Montana criminal case. 

It has been over a month!  The clerk who I have spoken with twice has been extremely nervous.  He last told me "I don't have any FIRST-HAND knowledge about what has happened to your filings."
I have a certified mail return receipt delivery confirmation, and they were still denying receipt.
Let me briefly touch on the comment that I made above about a very dangerous drive.  I have come to the realization that I should be driving as little as possible.  After being in only one minor fender-bender in a lifetime of driving, I am now running off the road, almost rammed a lady today at 70 mph on the Interstate, etc. 

My recent dizziness problem comes from the back of my skull, bottom right.  This was where the impact of my fractured skull was in December 2013.  When I am driving and turn my head sharply to the right to look to see if my right side is clear, I get a dizzy spell. 

My depth perception seems a little off, everything does when I drive.  The tremor in my left hand is extremely bad, and my arm starts shaking badly at times as I am holding the steering wheel.  I've written before that I was going to limit driving until I finally get to see a neurologist, but now I must try really hard.  I could be dead today from running off the road on the side of a mountain in a hairpin turn.  That's scary.
Now I guess I'll have to work night and day preparing exhibits for the possibility of a Pre-Trial Hearing in Missoula on Friday.  There shouldn't be one as the case is stayed pending the results of my appeal to federal court.  But, nothing has been received from the court to remove it from the calendar.  I wouldn't be totally shocked if they keep it on the schedule and Federal Marshals arrest me when I walk in.  Maybe I can find a designated driver to take me back.
UPDATE: 7:46 PM ON AUGUST 18, 2015
I just received this from Jennifer Clark:
"You did misrepresent what I said because I never said it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney's office. You have made several misrepresentations and if it continues during trial, I will ask for sanctions. Your recklessness with the facts is concerning."
Here is my response to Jennifer Clark:

"What misrepresentations?  You say I have made several.  Let's hear them.

"I believe you said it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney.  That was my understanding.  "It's up to the U.S. Attorney," or words to that effect.  If you want to type up what you believe you said, I will be delighted to publish it.

"I have no desire to misrepresent facts.  You do it too well.

"I need my freedom of information documents.  May I send a courier to pick them up tomorrow?

"I will update this article with your latest email"
These emails give me the impression that Chris Shermer and Jennifer Clark got carried away with their gloating over this.  OR, perhaps they made the whole thing up.  OR perhaps the U.S. Attorney's Office told them they should get serious and go away.
Chris Shermer came into the Missoula County Attorney's Office and asked me if I knew I had committed federal crimes.  I told him I had not. Jennifer Clark turned to me at the end of the witness interviews and asked me if Chris Shermer had told me about the federal issue.  I told her that he had.  She then said they had spoken to the U.S. Attorney's Office.  I asked "what are they going to do?"  She responded that it was in their hands or I'd have to hear from them or something similar.  That's what happened.
P.S.  I have never been in a federal prison.  Just three county jails.  So far.  But, now it's possible that I could spend the rest of my life in a federal prison.
I wonder if I get to go to one like Martha Stewart."


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O'Nan said...

This much arrogance and disrespect for the law by those who should enforce our laws is intolerabel.
I hope this does obtain an outside impartial investigation. Perhaps by the Dept. of Justice?