Tuesday, August 11, 2015

the Missoula County Attorney wants to cover up all these crimes of the Missoula Police Department, Hamilton Judges, Missoula Judge, the University of Montana and Sean Boushie; and for a Journalist to plea. However Bill Windsor is the Victim not the Criminal.

Bill Windsor's decision on proposed plea bargain in criminal case against him in Missoula County Montana is hereby delivered to Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Clark...
If you haven't read this article about the proposed settlement by Missoula County Montana Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Clark, you should do so to understand the following.
If you thought I should accept the deal -- no felonies and no time in jail -- you don't know me very well.
First and foremost, the idea of saying I committed a crime when I didn't would be forcing me to lie, and I'm not going to do that.  I have never been arrested and never charged with a crime prior to this effort to stop me and Lawless America...The Movie.  I have no criminal record, and I don't want to ever have one.  I had never been in jail before, and now I have spent 134 days there, so they have already taken that from me.  I will not ever say I committed a crime when I didn't.
sean-boushie-1-26-2013 7-41-30 pm-head-cropped-200w
Sean Boushie is the Crook,
a Paid Government Cyberstalker
The charges against me are a joke, and violations of criminal and civil law against me over the last nine months are long and serious.  If I accept a plea bargain, I'd be letting all those corrupt people off the hook, and that ain't gonna happen.  I'm filing a 42 USC 1983 lawsuit for violations of my civil rights.  I am filing criminal charges for RICO (organized crime) and various crimes.  And I want to see if I can pursue a civil RICO action as well as 42 USC 1983.
One of the big problems in our legal system is Plea Bargains.  Prosecutors charge people with lots of things and scare them into pleading to a lower offense.  In this case, they charged me with three felonies when the law clearly states that they could not do so.  But they did it because it was the only way they could break the law and get me extradited from Texas.  I told Jennifer Clark that I would not under any circumstances accept a plea bargain.
But when she emailed me to ask if I would consider a "settlement," I said sure.  I hoped that whoever is forcing her to pursue this action against me had come to their senses.  Nope.  But the big thing this process did was to show exactly what the State of Montana is trying to accomplish.  They want to shut me up.  Jennifer Clark told me this in slightly different words both times we met.  They don't want me to expose the criminal activities of Sean Boushie and the employer who pays him as he does his dirty work, the University of Montana.  If I settled, I could no longer expose these people.  Nah. 
This would gut Lawless America...The Movie because this is one of the big stories, and it provides the socko ending for the movie.  Those watching the movie will see stories from all around the country as I travel for a year to expose corruption.  Then, as the movie heads to a close with viewers hopefully feeling mad about the corruption but happy that I was able to pull together and work with 750 nobodies in an effort to expose it, they find out that corrupt people had me put in jail trying to stop me and the movie.  Then it ends with either a Not Guilty verdict or with film of me being escorted into the Montana State Prison in handcuffs and leg irons.  And viewers are pissed.
One of the things that really pisses me off about Jennifer S. Clark's "settlement" offer is a mental health evaluation.  The corrupt people in America and their hired gunslinger cyberstalkers want to paint the honest people trying to expose them as crazy.  There's not a crazy bone in my body.  Stubborn bones, peristent bones, idealistic bones, strong sense of right and wrong bones, not willing to back down from a fight bones, highly-principled bones...but no crazy bones. So take your mental health evaluation and stick it where the sun don't shine.  (Mr. Trump, feel free to us that line; I didn't originate it.)
The corrupt officials in America who violate the law without giving their actions an ounce of concern are the crazy ones
Jennifer Clark is a liar and a crook.  I don't believe these charges against me are her idea; I believe she has been put up to this.  I have seen her lie on many occasions, and to pursue this when she has been deluged with evidence simply shows that she and Detective Chris Shermer are crooks.  Rotten to the core.  CORRUPT.
I started to use a graphic that said "Not Just No, but Hell No," but I decided to be polite. :-)
So, here's the deal.  There will be no deal.  I'm going to trial, representing myself.  If they have that rigged, I will be well-prepared to appeal to the federal courts.  Anticipating corruption throughout the trial process from the word go, I have been very careful to lay the foundation for my grounds in federal court.  If I spend the rest of my life in the Montana State Prison, I will do it with the pride of knowing I was fu*ked.  The movie will be completed by someone else.  My websites will be managed by others.  And we will not be stopped in efforts to expose all these scumbags.
Is that clear?

For a quick update on Bill Windsor's saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on LawlessAmerica.com.


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