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Mineral County Nabs National Attention for Land Sales -

Did you This Headline on, I will Link to The Article Below I just want to Say a few things. Though Yes There seems to be quite a few homes going in, it does not seem that major in comparison to all of Northwest Montana.

Also is the $40,000 an acre that is in the article, is this on small parcels, because if it is that is NOT that much of a stretch and seems pretty much in line with other places in Northwest Montana, if it is 1 to 5 acres.

I see This Article as a Way for Plum Creek to Stir up Supposed National Attention to Mineral County because they are having trouble selling their land there.

The Reason I say this is because is Owned by Plum Creek according to my sources, and you cannot base Interest in Mineral County Northwest Montana on Web Hits to a Particular Listing. As a Real Estate Broker Owner In Montana I Have lots of Real Estate Websites here and the Dreamers are looking ALL the time. People hit our Real Estate Websites from searching for Montana Photos, for Real Estate and for many things other then Real Estate Listings as well. To say "No. 1 hottest county for land in the United States," which is quoted in the article and supposedly Self Proclaimed by is a Bit of a Stretch and why would Plum Creek want this Message heard and believed? To drive up the Value of their Land - I believe or to at least get real Interest.

Just because they claim hits to the website that is not necessarily true and even if it is - my was getting 8000 hits a day a year or so ago and that was because of the hundreds and hundreds of pages I had on the site with information on real estate, attorneys, taxes, relocation services, glacier park, flathead lake .. well you get the point, people hit a website for lots of reasons and NOT just because they are looking for that Particular Mineral County Listing.

The article actually said that this Big Dramatic "Hottest County for Land in the United States" Proclamation was based on Listing Hits. This is NOT accurate in anyway, again website hits can be for many reasons. Of Course they Did NOT say how many properties SOLD.

This kind of information can create a frenzy of Development when Buyers are Not really coming. This Kind of Self Proclaimed Hype can create a FAKE Demand, and bring national attention to where it really wasn't in the first place.

To Date, has 329,000 pages on it's Website.

Of which 13,2000 have the word "montana" on it, of which have 500 that have "mineral county" on it, so lots of HITS is Not that big of Deal.

Now also keep in Mind that Plum Creek having Serious Financial Interest in - this website is for real estate in areas that Plum Creek Owns and therefore is NOT a good indicator of National Interest, and In NO WAY can be ANY kind of indicator to take your SEPTEMBER web stats from and Proclaim that Mineral County, Northwest Montana is "No. 1 hottest county for land in the United States,".
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THIS is Bull.. and is Not Good for YOU
the Real Estate Buying Consumer.

Ok ask this question, the article I am referring to kind of makes you think that Mineral County gets more attention then other places in Montana, though it really means other real estate listings on When in Reality, has information on lots of other stuff that may come up in searches, such as agent profiles, photos, recreational opportunities,

Intrepretation of Web Visiters, Listing Hits, and Web Stats Should not go as far as to Proclaim Such a Dramatic Claim, it is Misleading to the Consumer, harmful to developers and creates a chaotic greed and financial tension that DOES not need to be.

Also Not about that this website, owned in part by Plum Creek Timber Company, also has information on Mineral County, West Virginia - Mineral County, Nevada - Mineral Rights - which will also affect "Web Stats" and "Search Results".

MINERAL County - Northwest Montana... Number One Hottest County for Land in the United States, NO WAY.. no WHERE ... no HOW near Accurate Information to you the Real Estate Consumer. Find Out More.

Mineral County has Land for Sale for Under $2000 an acre and Lots of it, so Why Does This Article act like $40,000 and acre is standard. is Big Business, they make alot of money by agents paying to be there and Plum Creek in the Mix, they SHOULD not be proclaiming a Market Proclamation such as this.

Using This kind of information to suggest National Interest is, in my opinion just to create a Supply and Demand Land Buying Frenzy so that Plum Creek can unload some of its Mineral County Holdings. Just My Opinion, But then Again it is my Missoula Montana News Blog.
Article by KIM BRIGGEMAN of the Missoulian
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