Wednesday, December 31, 2008

they Call it the Goon Squad - Group of 10 Highway Patrol Cars

Did you Guys Here this, apparently December was Kalispell Montana's month for this years new Police force that is being called the "Goon Squad". It is said that there are a group of 10 Highway Patrolman that travel from City to City in Montana, spending a month at a time. So they can crack down on traffic tickets. I sure wish there was a Goon Squad cleaning up the streets from Meth Addicts, Dealers, Rapists, and other Crimes that are seeminly going unpunished.. but speeding well watch out .. the Goon Squad will get you.

I heard of 5 cars pulled over in 20 minutes, in the home depot area of Kalispell Montana and given tickets for speeding in a Construction zone when they were well past the Construction Zone.

Seems Like a Scare Tactic, or is it Revenue Montana Needs, I had heard that Montana had plenty of revenue do to Capital Gains tax and other In Money over the last few years.. so Why harass the Citizens of the State, I guess they want you all to Move.

This is a New State of Montana Funded Program that is Hurting innocent people, seems like speeding or not your going to get it randomly.. odd place to focus on Montana Crime in My Opinion...

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