Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shame on the Tobacco Valley News, Enough is ENOUGH ! Not in Our Town - Not on Our Watch !!

The Tobacco Valley News does not archive their stories such as the Daily Interlake in Kalispell Montana or even the Western News in Libby Montana. r

So if a VERY important article makes the Small Town Headlines in Eureka Montana, we are left to Keep a Copy of the Paper for our Reference.

Every now and then a VERY important article is “Allowed” to be in the Tobacco Valley News. This is quite rare due to local politics and a basic fear of what will happen financially and physically if the Truth were to find it’s way to the Citizens of the Tobacco Valley.
Recently the Lincoln County Recall Committee posted the articles on the local rapes on our Blog at We posted this article on the Montana Recall site to educate the Public, to Keep the Story Alive, and to assist in the wishful thinking of Justice Someday Being Served.
Steve Newman the Owner of the Tobacco Valley News Demanded that WE remove “their” article from Our Website / Blog.

I Ask, What Could Possibly be the Motive for NOT wanting their Article Seen again?d

Why not give us permission to Promote Their Paper?
The article was on the Rapes in Eureka Montana and the Tobacco Valley News Does not Want our Blog reprinting the Article. So basically this important article gets swept under the rug just as the Rapes. Why Not let the article be reprinted, the Associated Press allows bloggers to reprint news as long as they link back to the original writer or owner of the article. Not the Tobacco Valley News in Eureka Montana. They have to “Lay Low” they have to do what politicians and Big Money Advertisers tell them to do, or they will lose ad dollars.

Rapes, and Other Horrifying Crimes are NOT the Concern of the Tobacco Valley News in Eureka Montana.

In order to Keep the News Monopoly in Eureka Montana and to Keep those Ad Dollars coming in, the Tobacco Valley News has to do what they are told.

If this is not true and they simply don’t want their “article” to be on someone else’s site then why not give a place on their website so that we can link to the article there. We Gave them FULL credit.

The Tobacco Valley News in Eureka Montana Demands that NOT print, post, or in any other way promote or reproduce their article on the un-prosecuted Rapes in Eureka Montana.
I am so sick of politics as usual
in Eureka Montana.
It is Basic. It is Simple.
What is Right is Right.
And What is Wrong is Wrong.

Those who believe ALL 10 rapes were “alleged” and those who believe the women who were raped “Asked For It” or they were raped because of what they were wearing, SHAME ON YOU. All TEN “Deserved It” What ?
Who in their Right Mind, on any level, would go through this kind of public humiliation, speak in front of commissioners and put their entire life as they know it on the line to LIE about being Raped.
Many under went Rape Kits, it is A Fact. Yet Almost Daily I hear someone say “Alleged Rapes”, “they asked for it” or it was because of how they were dressed. Shocking and Yet So VERY True, people are actually saying this stuff, lots and lots of people.

The Tobacco Valley News not allowing to Post their Article is Flat Out Wrong.

When will the Tobacco Valley News have the Balls to Stand up for What is Right instead of What fit’s the advertisers or the politicians needs.

Mamby Pamby headlines about pottery businesses or other “Topics” that comfort instead of inflame, that is where the ad dollars are.

This is Not News, this is Not the Truth of What is Really Going on in your town.

It is a watered down version of the Reality of Rapes, Dog Murders and Heinous Acts and Crimes that Lincoln Montana has No Intention of Prosecuting.

I get it, the truth is VERY stressful, the hate that was in the paper around election time when the Tobacco Valley News actually printed the editorials that came in without extreme bias, was a small hint of the Uprising that the Tobacco Valley News must get when they actually print the truth.

I get this Fence Riding, and the Ad Dollars that Come with it.
However, why NOT let this article be put on a Blog Promoting Victims Rights?

Is the Tobacco Valley News afraid of repercussion ?

If so why did they ever “Allow” the article to be printed in the first place?

f An article on the Problems with local rapes and them not being prosecuted, this is NOT the Style of the Tobacco Valley News that I am Used To.

The Tobacco Valley News knows the Truth of What Has Really “Went Down” over 30 years and they have NO Intention of being “perceived” in any way as being connected with this so called Lincoln County Recall Committee. s

Better to just Deny access to information, ignore the Brutal Rapes and Dog Slaughter and hope and pray that this all goes away, while the Tobacco Valley News talks about Things at Growth Meeting for Example that did not quite happen that way. Or things like the Town Water Outage issue, which the Missoulian told more of the suffering and Hardship in Eureka Montana then the Tobacco Valley News did, why is that ? Oh Don’t Make Waves !!! I know people are suffering, but if I just look the other way, my life can stay the same.

Let’s talk about High School Sports, on a 2 or 3 pages every week and IGNORE those trivial things like Rape, People in 20 below temperatures without water, and decades of Crimes Unpunished.

Most of the time I understand the “Fence Riders Unite” motto at the Tobacco Valley News but NOT this Time, Keeping this Story down is Wrong.

I Say EVERY Blogger in Montana SHOULD put this article on their site and see if the Tobacco Valley News has enough money from their loyal Advertisers to Sue Every Website that Does Care about Rapes in Eureka Montana, Men and Woman that are being slipped the Date Rape Drug, and other Crimes against the Tax Paying, Hard Working Men and Women of Lincoln County Montana.

I say the Article should be posted in Video on YouTube and hundreds of other video share sites. This article should be on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and every other site in the World that Cares More about the Victims of Crime in Eureka Montana then the Tobacco Valley News Does.
I say the Tobacco Valley News article on the Rapes in Eureka, that Steve Newman Will NOT allow to be reprinted ,even though it could make a big difference in JUSTICE for innocent Victims, I say this Article should be put out as a press release everywhere, and that we should get bloggers all over the world to join our cause by posting this Article on their Website.
The Tobacco Valley News has spent years upon years riding that proverbial fence and it is TIME to Come Down and Pick a Side.
What Good Are Laws if they are Not Enforced?
What Good is a Jury if a Judge can Overturn their “Verdict”?

What Good is an Attorney if a local Justice of the Peace or a Local Sheriff Does not NEED a Law Degree and yet they have the Ultimate Say over Matters of Local Law, Over your Life and Your Rights?
Maybe if We Ignore "Their Tears in the Darkness of their Room" the problem will Just Go Away.
Maybe if we say the Rapes Were "Alleged" or it was "Just a Dog" it will make us feel better. If we sheepishly hide in the shadows while others in our community, whom some of us have known our ENTIRE Lives, if we hide while they suffer, who are we ?
We Can No longer ignore Brutal Animal Cruelty, Disturbing Rapes of Drugged Young Women, Date Rape Drugs slipped to men just to watch them suffer.

We can No Longer Sit Silent while Meth takes over our county because our criminals are NOT prosecuted unless Idaho or some other state catches them when they are traveling through.

If Lincoln County Montana is Your Home, Stand up... It is Time to Clean House.
I will Not IGNORE their Suffering Just Because they are not family, someone I know, wealthy, a mighty "Name" of the Tobacco Valley or Because the Tongues May Flutter About Me.f

If I Lose Business for Standing Up for Those who No One is Listening TO, then So be it. I DO NOT Value the Dollar over Their Suffering.c

I will Not Ignore their Screams, their Pain, because I don't believe in the Same God as they Do or "Approve of their Lifestyle". t

Community is About what We Have in Common and Not What Separates Us. c

We DO NOT have to all be friends, we do NOT even have to Like Each Other, but I will be Damned if If I will Ignore 10 Rapes, Ignore Dog Slaughter, Ignore Animal Abuse and the Total Loss of Victims Rights and NOT stand behind someone with the Balls to Stand up to Our Local Justice system in a way that NEVER has been done Before.
The Truth is the Truth Regardless of anyone’s particular belief system or prejudices.
Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong.
You Either Stand with the Victim
or You Stand with the Criminal.

Victim Blaming

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