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Tobacco Valley News - Never Ever Forget this Blatant Attack on the Victims of EVERY Crime Committed here over Decades. This is a Disgrace....

Shameful, Disgracful Quote from the Tobacco Valley News... This makes ALL victims feel even more violated. Steve Newman lives in a Land of Fantasy if he believes any of the Trash Talk and Irresponsible Speculation.

Hasn't the Tobacco Valley New's Version of Reality and Version of the News made us all crinch over decades and haven't they got to say enough, do enough damage ?

the Tobacco Valley News does NOT print real news.
they don't Dare !!!
You have to go out of town to get your news of what really is happening in your neighborhood. Steve Nueman goes to most all political meetings but your certainly do not get the whole story on the, "You Can't Handle the Truth". But you pay for those Newspapers, you pay for those meetings and for the folks that sit there and decide what is best for you.
Steve Newman gets the almighty power of telling you what to believe, printing the news he wants you think is the whole truth and nothing but and he influences your lives every single day. Enough is Enough.
If Steve Newman Does not Stand with an endless array of victims, well then who does Steve Newman Stand with... Commissioners, Politicians, Mayors, Detectives, Sheriffs, and Advertisers? Is this the Kind of News you want to Believe when Big Daddy Steve Newman tells you once again what to do.

Now Sit Down Eureka, Shut Up, Get your Coffee and Read what Steve Newman asks of you, and you Darn Well Better DO as he says.

Steve Newman Quote"Reject Recall Petition

Dissatisfaction over investigations into alleged rapes has prompted a number of North Lincoln County residents to consider a recall of the sheriff.
Organizers promise a petition to that effect.

If one is actually circulated, other residents would do well not to sign it for two reasons.
First, there is no sufficient legal grounds to recall the sheriff.

Second, and more importantly, a recall solves nothing.

Montana is one of 17 states that allow citizens an avenue for removing elected officials from office. But that power is limited. State law allows recall of an elected official for lack of physical or mental fitness, incompetence, violation of oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of a felony offense.

None of these in fact apply to Sheriff Daryl Anderson.

The law that subjects Anderson and every other elected official to recall specifically states: "A person may not be recalled for performing a mandatory duty of the office that the person holds or for not performing any act that, if performed, would subject the person to prosecution for official misconduct."

It's one thing to disagree with the sheriff on decisions he makes. We certainly have had occasion to do so. But it's quite another to allege misconduct and incompetence when neither apply.

A recall is therefore inappropriate.

And recalling the sheriff solves nothing. Implementing a public affairs protocol would.

We've pointed out in the past that the sheriff's department in Libby sorely needs a trained liaison to deal with the public, which has every right to raise questions and expect answers.

The tempest brewing over these investigations is another case in point of failed communication.

It can be done right. Officers right here in North Lincoln County are evidence of professional, courteous communication.

Equal treatment from Libby solves a problem.

Backing a doomed recall of the sheriff does not.

Lincoln County knows full well from a former justice of the peace in Libby that elected officials must on occasion be removed from office. " Unquote...

Never Forget this and Never - Ever
Forgive the Tobacco Valley News for this.
The Crimes that really going on here, would bring any one of you good people of Eureka Montana to your knees. If you really knew the whole truth and nothing but you would drop to your knees in despair and in prayer.

You may think it odd, but i am tearful, actually crying as I write this at our local paper having the nerve to smack down victims in this public display of pure disrespect.
This quote tells all victims they don't matter, they deserve what they got; be it raped, beated, robbed or whatever was done to them.

I am HERE, not to disrespect the law in any way, but to hope that justice is actually served based on the Crime and not on Who you Know or how much money you Have.
I am Here to tell ALL victims of Lincoln County Montana over Decades that you Do Matter, you do deserve to be heard and you Did NOT deserve what you got. This is NOT the Lincoln County I know and love, this is not the help thy neighbor - let's go fishin' and drivin' in the woods - picnicing - good loving - hard working Tobacco Valley that I know and Love.

I am HERE to Say to you Victims; the Naysays, the Tobacco Valley News, and the folks saying you asked for it or some how deserved it,
This quote says you are not a Victim unless The Tobacco Valley News says you are. And it boldly states that all laws and efforts of investigation were done properly in every circumstance and that a recall is "inappropriate" and "doomed.
How in the world can Steve Newman of Tobacco Valley News know this, a legal genius I guess, memorized all laws, knows all details of all crime scenes, and looked into his Crystal Ball and decided all has been thoroughly investigated and all actions were appropriately taken, So Be It.. Steve Newman has Spoken and that's the way it is... NOT...

I am a lifetime resident here, I am a Lincoln County Graduate and a Daughter of those timber dollars. I am a 4th generation Montanan and I say Sign the Recall, Demand Justice, and I even have the audacity to say Boycott the Tobacco Valley News for Violating Public Trust.

I say, I have talked with endless people over decades and I certainly know, without a doubt, how nasty - vile - and disturbing the crime has been in Lincoln County with seemingly no end in site.
I have spoke with you folks out there over and over, I know that you don't believe all the TVN tells you to believe, I know that you are frustrated with Steve Newman's version of the News and that you weep for victims of all crimes. You write letters, you beg for help and no one has ever listened. You have Been Ignored, and in that things did not magically get better, but instead they got worse.

You may not like me, you may not approve of me, but EUREKA you know me. And this is not about our differences, this is about what we have in Common.
I am connected to old and new rexford, I am a product of this valley, I love Eureka Montana. And what has been happening here is very wrong and has been happening a very long time.
We now have a newcomber to our area with the Backbone to Stand up for us all and the patience and knowledge to wade throught the Montana Judicial Process to do it right.
If we do not back up this Tobacco Valley "stranger", this white knight passing through our lives, then we will have no say in the future as these crimes continue to be unpunished and SHOCKINGLY unbelieved.

Sign the Recall, Find Out More...
Don't Believe Me, Don't Believ the
Tobacco Valley News or your Beloved Commissioners.

Believe your Friends and Neighbors, Find out All you
can and make an informed decision on Your Own.

We used to go to Camp 32 and have gatherings, tons of people in our area would come out, we ate fish, and played games, it was a BLAST from babies to elderlies were there and today at camp 32 people are beaten at teen parties.

WE Get One Shot to Take our Town Back only one, if this don't work then Eureka will never be the reason you moved here, the reason you stayed here or the reason you chose to raise your family here. This Recall is not a Miracle, but it is One Shot at a long awaited Change.

Link to Opinion, it most likely won't last long...
Email Steve Newman
and tell him what a good job he is doing, your in total support,
you love his paper and hang on his every words...
Oh and PS. if you Believe Steve Newman of the
Tobacco Valley New's version of the News,
I gotta Bridge to Sell you !!!

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