Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lee Enterprises and the Lee Newspaper Chain - the News According to BIG MONEY and Power..

Lee Enterprises and the Lee Newspaper Chain controls your life, they decide what you "Get to Know", what you Get to Believe. How can you make a Real "Grown Up", Truly "Informed" decision if you are NEVER given the REAL truth and you are led astray with bogus stories that are all over the map, intertwining past and future and mixing stories in such a way to make you afraid of What ever it is they or their Big Money "Players" - "investors" - "Advertisers" want you to FEAR or not Get Behind for their Best Interest?

Big Newspaper Chains, Big Media, Big Money and even Bigger Control over what you know, what you believe and the version of ANY story that they want you to know or NEED you to believe for a mutitude of reasons.

With this HUGE Network Just Imagine the Minds, the Towns,
the States, the Stories, that Lee Enterprises is in Charge of ..
Just Imagine the Power of this Kind of Media and
What Can be Done on a Mass Scale to Control what
Version of the TRUTH you BELIEVE.

Lee Enterprises is headquartered in Davenport, Iowa - So Now we know who is in Davenport Iowa that loves to Read EVERYTHING on this Site... hmmm.. is that a Compliment or should I consider shutting this site down so that you can rely on the REAL truth put out by the Lee Enterprise Folks, now that's news.

Lee Enterprises (NYSE: LEE)
is a premier publisher of local news.
So if Lee Enterprises is a Publicly Traded Company then they are about MONEY - money and more money. They answer to their investors as well as local politics and ad dollars across their HUGE Billion Dollare Network.
So if the Bottom Line is Money then truly where does the REAL NEWS happening to real people factor in ? Well, it doesn't unless it benefits them or is neutral then the actual real story may hit the stands.
Newspapers are Old Media, Buyers and Consumers are looking Online and by the time News hits the local rag it really is VERY old news and SERIOUS waste of Ad Dollars. Don't you want to be where your Potential Business is ? (much more on online advertising and TONS of reasons why to STOP advertising in News Print of ANY kind, Coming Soon.)
I get sick of the Same Story in all the newspapers, I mean is there nothing more important going on in their town, that they must regurgitate old stories and blah .. blah.. just to have filler to get Ad Dollars.. it really is Useless. And well I Want YOU to write your REAL news on our blogs, imagine it, news.. you telling folks what you just saw, what happened to you or your buddy, upload video or photos and get the true story out BEFORE the Old Media of the Lee Newspaper Chain puts they Slant on what your Truly Experienced, witnessed or saw.
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I Have NO Faith, NONE, what so ever in the Montana Meth Project or that the State Of Montana Cares about Meth Dealers, Victims of Meth - Children, or actually STOPPING Meth in Montana, I have seen this First hand.
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