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James Kiser, Ex - CEO of St. James Hospital in Butte

News To Me Tip on St. Joseph's in Polson Montana, CEO James Kiser

It is Said that the St. James Hospital in Butte got turned upside down and it was in near collapse when James Kiser "resigned".

the story of Dr. Anna Chacko.

It is said that James Kiser hired Dr. Anna Chacko along with her cohort Scott Steinfeldt. They made a mess of the private/public radiology lab. There were no less than four lawsuits and now the hospital is on the verge of collapse. Dr. Anna Chacko name is said to be featured
in all four of these lawsuits, and it is said that James Kiser brought her over.

Full Story on This at Link Below.

Dr. Anna Chacko left St. James a few months after James Kiser left.

Here's what happened to her ...after she left there and went to the Pittsburgh VA.

Dr. Anna Chacko took over as head of the Pittsburgh VA in October of
2008. Almost immediately, colleagues and other staff filed formal
complaints about her behavior.

This included complaints about bullying, threatening, lying, and refusing to do her required clinical work. In March of this year, things came to a head. An administrative investigative board was formed to determine of Dr. Chacko should be removed. In April, that was the recommendation of the board.

At this point, Dr. Anna Chacko reached out to Congressman Brad Miller.

Miller has his own history with the Pittsburgh VA. He lead an investigation in the Science Sub Committee he leads into a destroyed strand of legionella at this Pitt VA. That investigation concluded in September of 2008. The conclusion was scathing in its criticism of Dr. Mona Melhem. Dr. Melhem is an administrator at this Pittsburgh VA.

It appears that Dr. Chacko was able to convince Miller that her potential ouster was all being orchestrated by Dr. Melhem. I say this because that's exactly what Congressman Miller said in a letter dated May 15 to General Shinseki, head of the VA. He encouraged Shinseki to
reinstate Chacko and instead investigate the Pittsburgh VA itself. In fact, a couple weeks later Shinseki's office did override the Pittsburgh VA and had them reinstate Chacko.

Upon her return, Chacko's behavior didn't change. Once again, complaints were formally filed and they reached as high as the office of the regional director, Michael Moreland. Finally, in late October, Dr. Anna Chacko was put on indefinite leave and another investigative board was convened. She hasn't returned to the Pittsburgh VA. I can provide the name of a congressional source that can verify all this.

I am including the letter I referenced. I'm also including court filings from Butte, Mt. This is a civil case of Kristi George V Dr. Anna Chacko. George worked with Chacko at St. James hospital in Butte, immediately previous to Chacko working at the Pitt VA. George accuses Chacko of the same kind of behavior as she was accused of at the Pitt VA. In fact, I've tracked Chacko and this is all part of a pattern of behavior for decades but that's a whole separate story.

Here's a local story about George's suit.

As you will see from the court filing, Kiser didn't due his due diligence in protecting
George from Chacko.

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There are a lot of sentences that begin with "it is said" yet not much factual evidence, do you have a personal grudge with the physician or former CEO referred to in this story?