Monday, February 22, 2010

Lesbian Hate Alive And Well in Missoula Montana

Montana Lesbian - High Profile Investigative Blogger, Crystal L. Cox, based in Montana Comes Barging Out of the Closet.

I use to think of Missoula Montana and the University of Montana as one of the most Open Minded, Tolerant, Lesbian Friendly and Gay Awareness places in Montana.

However, once that is put to the Test I NOW believe one hundred percent that the University of Montana enables, supports, justifies and covers up extreme Hate Crimes against Montana Lesbians, and seemingly - blatantly with No Remorse. As they wait for the Death of a Montana Lesbian to WAKE them the FUCK up.

Recently in the Montana Lesbian News, the Missoula Montana News we See "Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Proposed in Missoula " at this link

and "Human rights group wants sexual orientation non-discrimination ordinance in Missoula"

at this link

The thing is Montana Courts, Law Enforcment and the Judicial Process does not uphold the law or protect the Victims in Montana in ANY way... but instead enables Crimes against Lesbians in Extreme Anti-Discrimination and Deliberate attacks on the life, the livelihood and the quality of life of Montana Lesbians. In fact the Montana Courts at ALL levels and the Montana Law Enforcement actively participates in Crimes and Deliberate Discrimination against Montana Lesbians.

This new Ordinance if it passes .. make sure it does not give you false illusions and make you feel Safe in Missoula Montana as a Montana Lesbian...

As if to suggest that Missoula Montana is a Lesbian Friendly, Gay Friendly sort of Town when in fact it is quite the opposite when it comes down to Real Civil Rights, Human Rights, Hate Crimes Against Lesbians and protecting the Rights of Montana Lesbians in any way really.

It does not Matter what so ever if there is feeble City Laws or Ordinances that ban Discrimination against Montana Lesbians...

The Missoula Police Department, the University of Montana Police, and the University of Montana President and Staff... well they HOP to it... to Aid and Abet in the Blatant Obstruction of Justice and Denial of Due Process to Do whatever other Corrupt Montana Courts tell them to do in the Blatant - Hate Crime Attacks Against Montana Lesbians.

Hate Crimes are Illegal in Montana, Lesbians are a Protected Class? Are They...?? The University of Montana and the Missoula Law Enforcment Task Force DO NOT seem to have to pay any attention to those Montana Laws or the Civil Rights of Montana Lesbians.

The University of Montana actively participates in Defamation, Hate, Attacks on Lesbians in Montana... this is a Fact..

Discrimination in the Missoula Montana Justice System is Blatant, Obvious, Deliberate, and there is No End in Site, Missoula Ordinance of NOT.

There is no Protection for the Rights of Montana Lesbians in the Missoula Law Enforcement at any level. It is not about the Law, but about the pressure from the Corrupt Courts to Keep Victims in their place... the facts of a case DO NOT matter in Missoula Montana, the Law Enforcement in the Missoula Police Department and the U of M Security Department - They answer to a Higher Power, and that is the Obstruction of Justice, Denial of Due Process, Attack on Civil and Human Rights in Other Montana Counties, Courts at all levels.....

The Truth is NOT a Defense or a Factor in Missoula Montana in ANY way when it comes to the Rights of a Montana Lesbian. There are No Civil Rights for Lesbians in Missoula Montana.

Yes I Am
montana hate crimes
For those of you Who Did not Know
that Investigative Blogger,
Crystal L. Cox
was and is,
in Fact a Montana Lesbian -
Well Here is Your Breaking
Montana Lesbian News.
Yes I am a Lesbian...
the Truth Remains to Be the Truth.

Whether I am a Lesbian or NOT

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger
Industry Whistleblower

Missoula Montana Lesbian News

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Anonymous said...

Crystal Cox,

This notification follows a previously sent letter sent via certified mail, and an email copy of the same letter.

You have been given a sufficient time period and warning to remove your defamatory and slanderous lies about Sean Boushie.

You will now immediately remove the below following defamatory lies and slanderous postings from your "blogs" and websites.

If you do not do so I will assure you that I will continue with the currently filed complaint against you for Criminal Defamation, MCA 45-8-212 and slander, MCA 27-1-803. Slander defined. As well as Libel and MCA 45-7-202. False swearing, in relation to your now dismissed fraudulent restraining order.

I will persist in this matter, using all legal means necessary, until such time that you comply with this demand or you are prosecuted and incarcerated. As are all of your other victims.

If you wish to be rid of me, your only option is to remove and delete your following lies and associated "blog" posts from the Internet.

Sean M Boushie