Thursday, March 18, 2010

InHuman Society - a Story of one Montana Woman Trying to Help Animals and the MT Judicial System Smack Down that Followed. Pam Polejewski Story.

Pam Polejewski on No Kill Shelters, Montana Court System, Abusing Montana Citizens, Animal Rights In Montana, Montana Animal Cruelty Charges, Aggressively Looking for Animals and pulling about a Montana Citizens home to do so?

So Pam Polejewski had Already Rescued these Animals, and then as she is taking care of them the Humane Society comes in and pretends to Rescue them from Her, then what they will look for someone like her to house them and Rescue them again... ???

She Rescued these Animals, She is Thrown to her hands and Knees by
Montana Cops, and treated this bad for Saving these dogs from where they were
being abused, starved or mistreated.

She had Already Rescued Them.
5 min. into Video labele "inHumane Society4" you see where the cops threw her to the ground, Why does Montana Law Enforcement Create so many Victims... ???

what Did Happen to the Dogs that the Cops of Montana
and the Montana Judicial Process Rescued? Where did this Rescue Animals Actually end up going.. a bit of a Sidenote her but I have heard of a large amount of pigs killed by Montana Law Enforcement - Montana State just so they could get the insurance money from an auto accident with a big truck they were in, the Pigs were not injured YET put down for MONEY!!

Pam Polejewski would have Welcomed Rescue Agents to help adopt
these animals SHE RESCUED out to good homes, that was not the approach
Montana Human Society and Montana Law used...

A Montana County Attornety has No Adoption Plan,
the Montana Human Society has no Rural Juristiction,
so Terror Once Again on the Citizens of Montana and the
County Commissioners in the Counties involved DO nothing, the
County Attorney seems to protect the Criminals and not the Victims
and seems to back Judicial Corrupution.

The Judicial System, Local Cops - Judges,
I mean does no one want to Speak up and tell the Truth
or is it simply a Free for ALL on the Rights of Montanans
and Political Corruption Ruins lives with No Accountability.

Really, what happened to these Animals, did THE
County Rescue them then torture and kill them?

Did the County put them in tight spaces, and watch them
die a cruel death for some grant money or other policital power trip?

If you have any information Email Me
Enough is Enough... paychecks for politicians while animals suffer
cruel deaths... that is NOT the Montana Way..

Below is a Series of Videos on the Pam Polejewski
animal Rescue Story as the State of Montana Seems to
Continue their attack on this Montana Animal Lover,
defender of Montana Animal Rights and has a big enough heart
and enough patience to take care of this many animals to HELP...
Montana Pets

Montana Human Society Montana Animal Rights

a Playlist of Several Videos to Watch this Story of One Montana woman
trying to help Montana animal and being shut down and terrorized by the Montana Judicial System.

Montana Animal Abuse
Posted Here by Montana Native
Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

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