Monday, May 17, 2010

Dissolve Artery Blockages Naturally with the nutrional power of L-Arginine. Liquid Arginine Supplement to the Rescue

I am not a Medical Doctor nor am I attempting to give you Medical Advice in anyway.. I have relatives that are still being told by Medical Doctors that nothing will dissolve artery plaque, they tell them to take the latest and greatest experimental Prescription Drug and this will let more blood flow throw better and stronger.. and this is the only way to lower blood pressure and to alleviate systems of plaque build up in your arteries....

Shocking to me when there is so much information out there that is contrary to this ... many people listen to one doctor and don't do their homework. Thing is this is your life, your body and the world is at your fingertips with the Power of the Internet ... Knowledge really is Power and can save your life and certainly improve the quality of your life...

Research the Nobel Prize Winning nutrient L-Arginine and how taking 5 Grams of L-Arginine can dissolve artery plaque without prescription drugs or Open Heart Surgery..

I am not asking you to believe me.. I am saying look at the information online about Nobel Prize Winner Louis Ignarro and his amazing research on Nitric Oxide... Read the Arginine Solution by Robert Fried, Ph.D and see how Arginine is better then Aspirin for your artery health... better then prescription drugs .. and Certainly better then Open Heart Surgery as a Way to remove or dissolve artery plaque...

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scroll down to find the Unsweetened Arginine Version - I prefer NO Crystalline Fructose...

If there is ANY chance at all that you can drink one ounce a day of any natural substance, any nutrient and this can possibly Dissolve Artery Plaque which would in turn prevent stroke, Prevent Heart Attack, Lower Blood Pressure, increase energy, increase blood flow, cure ED the healthy natural way, STOP your inevitable Open Heart Surgery, Reverse Heart Disease... I mean if there is any chance at all of this being true in any way.. wouldn't it be worth the trying??? .. what could it hurt... ??? What if ???? Aren't you Worth the Chance.. ??

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Isn't Your Family worth the Risk of Spending this Small amount of Money that may give you more energy, may prevent heart attack or stroke - may reverse heart disease.. and has the potential to do so many life changing things in your body.. ??

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This Liquid Arginine Product also has a powerful 5000 IU of Vitamin D, and it has Resveratrol which makes it an amazing heart smart nutrient and immune builder as well.

I am not telling you that taking a Liquid Arginine Product will change your life or cure you of anything.. find that out for yourself.. I am Saying that taking 5 grams of arginine changed my life, my quality of life forever and to me.. all the research I have done on L-Arginine in the last year.. well to me L-Arginine and especially in a liquid form with 5000 IU of Vitamin D and With Resveratrol.. well to me this is the Holy Grail of Health and I will NEVER be without a Liquid Arginine Supplement in my Life..

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