Monday, May 10, 2010

I want to Sell YOU What you already have to buy - and tell you How to Make Money at It. - Grocery MLM - My Harvest America

My Harvest America is a new online Grocery MLM whereby you Can Buy Groceries at a Huge Discount and Make Money Doing it.

Yes I am Trying to sell you something, but it is something that you already buy and well you kind of have to buy.. I want to Sell you Groceries at HUGE Discounts.. I don't want to ship them, deliver them or stock these groceries.. I want Fresh discount Groceries to be delivered to you for FREE and I want you to tell others how to buy Discount Groceries Online and to build a business around what they already do.

I am Pitching you a Grocery MLM called My Harvest America, this Grocery MLM gives you an opportunity to make money online and to make money with people you know or meet telling them how to buy groceries online and for HUGE discounts.. and to have these groceries from this Grocery MLM - My Harvest America .

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