Thursday, June 3, 2010

Joede Vanek for Ravalli County Sheriff - Montana Political News - Montana Sheriff Elections

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"Vanek is a man uniquely qualified to run for public office because of his boldness, his ability to confront and fight for what's right; his philosophy of accountability to the public, and his nature to be so candid, forthright and honest." --William Towery

Joede Vanek for Ravalli County Sheriff

"Support for Vanek published in election insert June 2, 2010 Bitterroot Star Weekly paper, Stevensville, MT

I am writing this letter on memorial day, a day to celebrate our freedom as a nation . On Tue. June 8, we have a primary election for Sheriff of Ravalli county. This is one of the most important races any of us can vote in. Whoever becomes our next Sheriff will determine how much freedom and civil rights we will have here in this county.

For the last 12 years we have had outrage after outrage, 1/2 pound of cocaine missing from evidence room, jail suicides, deputies using the Sheriff's computer to access pornography,wife beating drunks hired to police us.

Thousands of dollars worth of ammunition stolen right under the Sheriff's nose.

Citizens complaints thrown in the waste basket and never an answer. Its almost impossible to get a copy of a police report with out endless red tape.and endless waiting. We must change things in Ravalli county.

We need professional law enforcement in Ravalli County. I am voting for Joede Vanek a tried and true police professional with 20 years experience and advanced training who can inspire and teach our deputies to be professional peace officers.

When you dial 911 who do you want to show up, a bully with a badge and a gun or a professional well trained peace officer? Its your choice.

At the present time you are better off dialing-a-prayer than 911.

Michael Sokol
Hamilton, Montana ""

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Joede Vanek for Ravalli County Sheriff - Montana Political News

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