Thursday, September 30, 2010

George M. Dennison - University of Montana President ALLOWS Hate Crimes, Ignores Cries for Help

The Corruption at the University of Montana is Rampant, why?

George M. Dennison and the Entire U of M Staff and University of Montana Police have ignored my cries for help for over a year now. In fear of my life.. my business now ruined, I have been defamed and harassed for over a year and all PAID for by the University of Montana.
I told the President of the University of Montana a year ago. And worked with the University of Montana Police Jim Lemcke and even today Sept. 30th 2010 .. The University of Montana is PAYING for Someone to watch my sites, email me, harass me, and threaten me.. and I have DONE nothing Illegal or Wrong in any way.

Check Out for my story on the University of Montana aiding and abetting this Montana Hate Crime, Montana Civil Rights Crime and Denying me Basic Human Rights and Safety for over a Year..

Here is Emails between me and Jim Lemcke - SUPPOSEDELY the Chief/DirectorOffice of Public Safety, The University of Montana.

I jumped through every hoop Jim Lemcke gave and the smart tech guys at the University of Montana just could not figure it out? BULL. They were Covering for Corruption in Ravalli and Lincoln County.

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