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Montana Protective Orders are Not Mutual and there is No Judicial Consistency in How they Are Given.

In the State of Montana, Protective Orders /Montana Restraining Orders are often Used to Take Away Gun Rights, to Harass and Scare people who Expose Corruption, to Put People in their Place, to take away our Constitutional Rights and there seems to be No Rhyme or Reason as to How Judges Base Decisions on Montana Protective Orders.

There is No Accountability to Montana District Court Judges or Montana Justice of the Peace Judges who Ruin your Reputation or Put you in Harms way Based on a Montana Protective Order that was Given outside of the Scope of Law, with No Proof and Was NOT "Mutual".

The Montana State Laws Seem to Be Pretty Clear on who Can Get a Montana Protective Order and How they are to Prove they Need Protection.

Thing is the Montana Judges are Not Clear on the Laws that apply to Protective Orders, not Consistent on who they give a Montana Protective Order or for what reasons.

Montana Justice of the Peace Judges, City Judges, and District Court Judges seem to have No Liability or Accountability for the Harm they Do to Us Montanans in these Unjust, Unlawful, Illegal, Discriminating Montana Protective Orders that are not based in Montana State Code.

I have heard many stories and please Feel Free to Email any Discrimination, Bias, or Harassment that a Montana Judge has subjected you to, over a Corrupt - Illegal - Harassing Protective Order.

I am Telling you My Montana Protective Order Story to Show you how Montana Protective Orders are used for Political Agendas, Silencing the Truth, Taking Guns From Private Citizens, Discrediting Media and Simply Harassing Montana Citizens that Montana Judges, Montana Law Enforcement Simply Does Not Like for Some Reason. My Full Montana Corruption story is at - Here is the Montana Protective Order Highlights from that Corruption in Montana Story.


I Received a Death Threat via eMail. I felt it Very Real and I Felt I knew For Sure who it was from. The man has a Concealed Carry Permit, and he claimed to carry plenty of ammo. I Went to a Eureka Montana City Judge Stormy Langston, as Stormy Langston is also theEureka Montana Justice of the Peace and I was really in Fear of this Man, and provided all the proof I could as to Why I felt it was this particular man.

Stormy Langston told me she agreed that it was this man, and that this was not right and YES she would give me a Protective Order. She Turned to her Computer a Few Moments, then printed out a form for me to fill out and Said, well we can't really Prove it is him, so I can't grant a Protective Order. Just Like that a few words at the keyboard, and Judge Stormy Langstonchanged her Mind.

So I left, with No Montana Protective Order though Judge Stormy Langston could have proved who sent the Death Threat with one Fax to Google or Yahoo. There was no attempt on finding out who it was, if Not this man. It was Simply a No I cannot Give you a Protective Order.

A few Days Later I was asked by Paul Stramer's Attorney to testify on his behalf at his hearing, because this Same Man that I felt threatened to Kill me, he had requested that Judge Stormy Langston give him a Montana Protective Order against Paul Stramer based on his Stated Fearalone and No Proof What So Ever. I had Proof that this man was to be feared, was aggressive and threatening and Judge Stormy Langston Denied me the Right to Testify on Paul Stramer'sbehalf and Gave the "Aggressor" a Montana Protective Order Against Paul Stramer based on his fear alone, just like that. (This Of Course was Political Motivated).

So with No Justice in Lincoln County Montana, I went to Ravalli County Montana as this is where the Man I Feared Lived, though He Owned Property in Lincoln County Montana and claimed at Paul Stramer's hearing that he was Moving back to is Eureka Montana Property. Though he Never had ANY intention of Moving Back, never had to prove that, even though this "Moving Back" was part of the Reason that Judge Stormy Langston supposedly granted him theMontana Protective Order Against Paul Stramer.

So I went to Ravalli County Montana District Court Judge Haynes to get a Montana Protective Order. I Called Ravalli County Montana District Court Judge Haynes before I went to the Ravalli County Courthouse, I was told that I was within my Legal Right to have a Protective Order and to bring the Paperwork down. One Hour Later, I took the paper work down to theRavalli County Courthouse and though I was told to come in and see Ravalli County Montana District Court Judge Haynes, well apparently he was busy. It seemed to me thatRavalli County Montana District Court Judge Haynes was possibly by then talking to Lincoln County Officials and Possible to Ravalli County Attorney and Deciding my Fate based on the Corruption I was Blogging About, Exposing in Lincoln County Montana and in Ravalli County Montana.

So I get to the Ravalli County Courthouse and Judge Haynes is busy, I am told to Come Back. I asked if he was going to grant me a Protective Order, I was told that they would call my Cell Phone when they had an answer. It was not looking Good for me to Get a Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining Order - So I said if for Some Reason Judge Haynes Denies me a Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining Order can I have a Signed reason as to Why Judge Haynes is Denying me a Montana Protective Order/Montana Restraining Order ?

I was called back 3 hours later and this was Filmed, as I had been interviewed in a Montana Documentary that exposed some of the issues in Montana Law Enforcement and the Montana Judicial system that were "questionable". So feeling I would Be Denied this Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining Order - the Film Crew followed me into theRavalli County Courthouse - Click Here for That Day.

So Ravalli County Montana District Court Judge Haynes Denied me a Protective Order. Thing his Judge Haynes stated and signed the Reasons why and gave the Montana Laws that he based his Denial Decision on.

So I Went Back home the 200 Plus Miles to Eureka Montana

A Few days Later Lincoln County Montana Police Officer Maury McKinney Shows up at my Door. He is Serving me a Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining OrderISSUED against me by Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin Clute. The Order was not Notarized, the Reasons Given Not Proven - Simply Stated and Well all the Laws that RavalliCounty Montana District Court Judge Haynes stated as a Reason to Deny me a Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining Order against a Man I Really was afraid of, Well those Laws were Not Part of Judge Robin Clutes Court.

Judge Robin Clute gave a man I Feared a Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining Order - against me and did not even make it MUTUAL. Therefore he could harass me online, he could walk up to me, he could Stalk me and there was no recourse what so ever. So a Montana Justice of the Peace in Ravalli County gave protection whereby a District Court Judge in RavalliCounty and a Justice of the Peace in Lincoln County Denied this Same Protection.

So I called Judge Stormy Langston in Eureka Montana after I got this Protective Order Served to Me, so She apparently felt sorry for me and the Laws or the Proof Need Qualification Changed, So she issued me a Temporary Protective Order.

Is there Proof or Not, is it Legal for Him to Have Protection and Not Me. Why Did Lincoln County Montana Judge Stormy Langston say No, because there was No Proof, though she knew it was Him and had access to Proof. And then Give me an Order Later? Politics was Getting to Hot?

oK well Next, due to the Illegal, Discriminating Montana Protective Order /Montana Restraining Order given by Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin Clute, I Left Montana and Took a Job in Idaho/Washington - I Left my Home and Business as I Feared this Man, and Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin Clute claimed that I sent the Death Threat to myself, which a Simple IP search or fax to Google - Yahoo would prove it Different.. she told me she believed I sent it to myself.. .and so I said in her Court Room - So if "He" gets an email tonight from that yahoo account that you claim I have access to, then I am in a Cop Car tomorrow? She said yes that is exactly what it means. So knowing at this point this was all a set up, I left town. As we were running a Montana Sheriff Recall for Corrupt Lincoln County Sheriff - Sheriff Anderson and I knew if got in a cop car that surely I would become one of those now famous Montana Suicides, aKa Death by Cop... or a Jail Suicide.. there are so many stories of this happening and plenty are out of Ravalli and Lincoln County Montana.

(Keep In mind there was Proof in the Lincoln County Courts the HE had access to that email account and Lincoln County Attorney and Law Enforcement Have Concealed this Evidence to this Day) Click Below for that Story.

Anyway, So I Left Town in Fear for My life from my aggressor and from the Lincoln County Cops that wanted to SHUT up My Blogs. Apparently During this time, my Aggressor overturned the short - temporary protective order that Judge Stormy Langston gave me. My Aggressor, though this made it mutual, he got Lincoln County District Judge Michael Prezeau to Overturn the Short Time Period Protection I did get. I did not even know this was lifted til' months later when I returned to Montana, as I had not been Served Notice of this Court Hearing that Endangered my Life.

So there it is The Lawless Story of One
Montana Protective Order - Montana Restraining Order.

Demand Accountability, Consistency and Transparency from ALL Montana Judges.

this Man Continues to Threaten my Life to this day.. posting laws and harassing statements of why he can defend himself from me.. even though I Have never Threatened Him in ANY way ... Nor have I Ever asked anyone to Threaten this man for or on behalf of me in Any way. I am still denied access to protection or the complaint that proves he controlled that email account.

Posted here Truthfully
by Montana Native
Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

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