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US Senator Max Baucus - Max Baucus is Not a Man of Integrity. Max Baucus is NOT listening to Montana Corruption Victims. Max Baucus the Truth about Max Baucus

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Max Baucus is part of the Wall of Corruption in Montana. Max Baucus is not protecting Montanans from the Wall of Corruption in Montana.  Max Baucus stands beside corrupt county attorneys such as George Corn - Ravalli County and Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County.  Max Baucus stands behind the constitutional rights violating Montana Sheriff's such as Sheriff Daryl Anderson and Sheriff Roby Bowe in Lincoln County Montana and Sheriff Chris Hoffman in Ravalli County Montana.

Max Baucus is in my opinion bought off by Big Pharma, by WR Grace, buy Montana Corruption and Max Baucus is in no way working in the best interest of Montanans.

Max Baucus in the Real Max Baucus News, Blogs.. 

"A documentary was made about Montana justice in 2009, it showed US Senator Max Baucus DC staff in a not so favorable light, nor Max Baucus: he took millions from PHARMA for a Health Care Bill (Obamacare) that may not see the light of day.  Senator Baucus really didn't appreciate us shining a light on his ugly truth:

Beneath The Beauty:

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"Montana is in political chaos.  The Wall of Corruption is unstoppable.  Denny Rehberg,Governor Brian SchweitzerMax Baucus, Several County Attorneys, County Sheriffs throughout the State and Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock ALL stand behind Corrupt Judges, Cops, County Attorneys - they stand behind the Criminal AGAINST the Victim."
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Max Baucus Does not Care About Montana's Economy and Max Baucus Supports the Montana Corruption that is Really the Montana Economy.

"Montana's Economy is not the concern of Denny Rehberg, Steve Bullock, Max Baucus or Governor Brian Schweitzer.  As plea bargains are rampant, there are favors in local government contracts, state contracts given to friends and families and so much corruption within the commissioners offices county after county and with Montana Judges that this is what prevents Montana from thriving.  We don't need fossil fuels, we need to STOP Corruptions so Regular - NON Political Montana Citizens can make Good Money and not be held down, lied to, mistreated, harassed, demeaned and Constitutional Rights Violated by these So Called Arrogant, I Say EVIL Montana Political Leaders such as Denny RehbergSteve Bullock, Max Baucus or Governor Brian Schweitzer.

As we lay in poverty, land taxes up, jobs down, homes foreclosed and lawlessness rampant - as we have no Rights as Montana Victims no matter how many times we cry to these so called "Montana Political Leaders" - they IGNORE our Constitution Rights, our Human Rights, Our Civil Rights and then they brag about these deals that make them Billions and We the People Of Montana Suffer OVER and OVER.."

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Max Baucus is in no way looking out for the Best Interest of Montana

"WR Grace has Stake in Drug Companies, Senator Max Baucus is Connected to Big Drug Companies. Baucus is protected by big Money, that Money is WR Grace Money.. IN My Opinion...

If you Look Deep into the Political Ties, Lobbying..

I will post as I can on connections.. Look up Who supports what politician.. on sites Like Open Secrets... The NOT helping Victims of WR Grace's Disgrace is not about the Money.. they give Billions to it all.. they make money from the Insurance, from the Drugs you Take, from the Dialysis Machines, Oxygen... WR Grace makes More money from you being sick then from the Asbestos mine Itself... and Max Baucus KNOWS this.. and therefore Libby Gets Blood Money.. but Victims are Still Suffering... Look Close - Smoke And Mirrors.. .BE GONE !!

Much More on Max Baucus - Drug Companies - WR Grace and BLOOD Money...

Demand and Accounting of ALL Money htat Lincoln Got Supposedly on behalf of WR Grace Victims and what they did with it... Some was to clean up sites so the county could put other building and create jobs there that would make the commissioners more money.."
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Max Baucus to Big and Corrupt to Fail?

"How can the Montana media ignore 6791 Total Signatures to impeach, recall Senator Baucus
The arrogance of the Montana Media and Lee Publications is clear when the so called responsible mainstream media ignores 6791 Total Signatures and still counting at the website

On this webpage it states :

To: People of Montana
Petition to Potentially Recall U.S. Senator Max Baucus, (D) Montana

This petition is to survey the population of registered Montana voters who may have interest in recalling Senator Max Baucus from his elected position as senior US Senator from Montana."

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Max Baucus assists Corruption in Montana County Attorney Offices
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"Strangely enough, George Corn was listed as Angela Wetzsteon supervisor: which means that he was "personally and professionally liable (MT Student Practice Act of 1975, order #12982)" for all actions of Angela Wetzsteon, so Angela Wetzsteon answers to Ravalli County George Corn.

George Corn, the Corrupt Ravalli County Attorney has been best friends with Montana Senator Max Baucus for 20 years and seems to above all Montana Law that YOU have to Abide by.

County Attorney's SHOULD not be Above the Law - a Montana County Attorney Should Enforce the Law. YOU, the Public KNOWING the Truth and Demanding Transparency and Accountability is the Only way Corrupt County Attorneys like George Corn can be brought to justice.

Audry Shultz also practiced law "independently" at the Missoula County Attorney office prior to her '09 graduation from the University of Montana Law School where she obtained a JurisDoctorate."
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