Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jackiya Ford - a Woman that has been wronged by the Courts of Missoula Montana in spite of all of her open proof.

"Hear the story of a Woman that has been wronged by the Courts of Missoula Montana in spite of all of her open proof.

To add Insult to injury the Courts threw her in the States Mental Institution labled her as Insane in an effort that no-one would ever listen to or believe her story. In spite of the Fact that she's not Crazy but very Smart, Competent and articulate. "

November 2010 Missoula Montana Courts

"Last week I was forced to enter a plea of no contest. In spite of the many motions I filed with the Missoula Courthouse to dismiss the case for lack of subject matter jurisdiction the Judge denied fraudulently all of my motions. It was then and there when i realized there's no way I was going to get a fair trial.

The Judge has not honored his oath of office, and there have been many false reports in my case such as charging me with burglary on land that I own &; a home in which i placed a proper lien against, that I also Own. Unreasonable searches n seizures, plus much much more....

I've tried with all of my Soul to reach out for help but during my reaching I've learned that there are many other innocent people here in The State of Montana (Google Corruption in Montana) that are going through the same injustice I've endured during this case.

 Today I go in for sentencing at 1:30 in District Court. I must be bold and strong no matter what happens, I know in my heart that I tried & that I'm a good person. I've always been.

Thank You for listening.

Sincerely Jackiya Ford "

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