Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Fascist Check Point in Missoula, Montana" Montana Law Enforcement is Above the Law, and Violates YOUR Constitutional Rights, whenever they Please.

"Roy P Pilkey
These Videographers managed to make a good point here.This took place in Missoula Montanistan just after a visit from AG Eric Holder who spoke at the UM Law School on this very issue. The Police Chief in Missoula is an FBI Academy Grad, along with the Chief of Hamilton, check out Police Shooting in Hamilton. Holder's visit was in response to a letter to Obama regarding these departments that you will find on MONTANA RECREATION. Check out Missoula's finest, he is typical of a cop in Montanistan.,and the babe in red hat whom was a reporter for the Missoulian, a Lee Enterprises newspaper currently in bankruptcy to avoid some huge lawsuits in Montanistan." - Video

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