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Father John E. Collins is a New York Missionary. For more information regarding Father John E.Collins. Check out the John E. Collins Link Below.

Father John E. Collins is a man of deep faith.

Father John E. Collins changes lives for the better.

Father John E. Collins Parish Mission will be February 27th - 29th, 2012

Father John E. Collins is a member of the Paulist Fathers.  Father John E. Collins will lead our parish mission this year.  Over three nights, February 27, 28 and 29,  Father John E. Collins will  explore the question, "Can you describe what happens in those events in your life in which you experience the presence of God?" - Father John E. Collins

Through this Father John E. Collins question, the  Father John E. Collins talks will invite those present to become more articulate about their experience of God, so that their own faith life might be strengthened, the faith life of the parish might be deepened, and a greater witness to God might be manifested to their neighbors. - Father John E. Collins

Thus, the ultimate goal of the  Father John E. Collins is to move people to reach out to others by sharing their faith-commonly called evangelization. - Father John E. Collins

Father John E. Collins says, Now Catholics tend to be slightly intimidated by this word. But the First Letter of Peter advises: "Always be ready to give a reason for the hope that lies within you." [1 Peter 3: 15J] In fact, the U.S. Bishops, in their letter Go And Make Disciples, have made the primary goal of evangelization in this country, "to bring about in all Catholics such an enthusiasm for their faith that, in living their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others."

Father John E. Collins and The Parish Mission endeavors to bring about this kind of enthusiasm and to stir up the flames of faith that so often lie dormant within people and the events of their lives.

Why this Mission? Why Father John E. Collins ?

This Mission, Father John E. Collins is a unique and timely opportunity to revisit our roots and evaluate our relationship with God and each other.

This Mission, Father John E. Collins is also unique due to the fact that it is being conducted by Paulist  Father John E. Collins whose approach is humorous, down to earth and a joy to behold.

Father John E. Collins will be preaching at all of the masses the weekend of prior to the 3 day Mission so you can evaluate first hand how enjoyable this Mission, Father John E. Collins promises to be.

Don’t hesitate to bring a friend who might have wandered away from the Church, to listen to Father John E. Collins. This might be the golden opportunity that that person has needed to find peace and a way home. Let Father John E. Collins do the talking for you.

About  Father John E. Collins CSP

Father John E. Collins is a native of New York City,.Paulist Father John E. Collins completed Father John E. Collins 's M.A. in theology and Father John E. Collins was ordained to the priesthood in 1970.

Since that time  Father John E. Collins has been active in parish and campus ministry throughout the country, from Austin to Los Angeles, to Columbus, Ohio, where Father John E. Collins was Diocesan Director of Campus Ministry and Father John E. Collins was Pastor at Ohio State University.

Over the past decade  Father John E. Collins has conducted more than three hundred missions and preached over thirty retreats for priests and religious.

Father John E. Collins presently devotes his full-time energies to evangelization and mission work from  Father John E. Collins home parish-and the Mother Church of the Paulist Fathers, St. Paul the Apostle on 59th Street in New York City.

Father John E. Collins is a native of New York City.  He has been active in campus ministry throughout the country.   Father John E. Collins has conducted more than three hundred missions.

Come and join Father John E. Collins as we gain confidence in sharing our faith story and unleash the power of the Gospel!

Source of Above John E,. Collins information Regarding John E,. Collins.

Father John E. Collins, University Catholic Community, Father John E. Collins CASE STATEMENT & John E. Collins MISSION STATEMENT.

Diocese of Cheyenne Mission Statement:

We the Catholic community inthe State of Wyoming, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, celebrate the sacrament of salvation, and invite people into a personal relationship with Christ, through prayer, worship, and service of God and neighbor.
    Proclaim.  Celebrate.  Invite.

Father John E. Collins Ministries

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The Paulist Fathers, Associates, Father John E. Collins and lay collaborators work to fulfill the four missionary aspects of the Paulist charsim: evangelization, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, reconciliation and young adult ministry.

Father John E. Collins Evangelization: All Christians are called by baptism to share the Good News of Christ. The Paulists are committed welcoming those who have been away from the Catholic Church, and dedicated to reaching out to those who have yet to hear Christ's message of salvation.

Father John E. Collins Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue: The Paulists are committed to working toward unity among Christians and for respect, understanding and collaboration with followers of other world religions.

Father John E. Collins Reconciliation: Reconciliation is the restoration of communication between those whose bonds of mutual belonging have been impaired or even severed.  The Paulists are committed to a ministry of reconciliation through listening, sacramental healing and dialogue.

Father John E. Collins - Young Adult Ministry: In secular university Catholic centers, on the web and satellite radio, the Paulists help young adults explore their spirituality, listen to and encouage one another, discover the rich depths of the Catholic tradition and connect to commnities of faith where their unique gifts will be used and where they will find support on their journey towards God.

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