Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie Filed by Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox. This is a Hearing Granting Said Motion. Sean Boushie continues to threaten me, harass me, defame me and endanger my life, to this day. And while at work at the University of Montana.

Judge Marco Hernandez was fully aware that Plaintiff's Attorney was conspiring with Sean Boushie in order to attempt to intimidate a federal defendant. Judge Marco Hernandez granted the Motion, but did not seem to contact the FBI as he suggested. And, after this, Judge Marco Hernandez sanctioned me for not attending a deposition in Montana in which I did not agree to go, and in which my life was in danger.

  Hearing on Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie

Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie Hearing Nov. 18th 2011

 Motion to Exclude

 Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie Memorandum

Exhibits, Sean Boushie's Hate Blog and Threats will Be Posted Soon, for the Record.  Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie

Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie Exhibit - Proof David Aman in Contact with Sean Boushie  Sean Boushie's Hate Blog Exhibit Filed with Motion to Exclude Sean Boushie Hate Blog - Motion to Exclude Exhibit Archive Regarding Sean Boushie's Attacks on Blogger Crystal Cox for 3 Years and Counting. The University of Montana Knows and has done nothing in 3 years. I intend to Sue the University of Montana regarding this stress on my life, loss of business, loss of home, and life endangerment.   University of Montana Rapes. University of Montana Ignores Victims Rights Year After Year   Sean Boushie also had Hate Groups on Facebook and Craigslist and to this day continues to stalk, defame, threaten, and conspire with others to harm Blogger Crystal Cox, while at work at the University of Montana. Here is the Stephen Mocko Complaint Proving Sean Boushie is the Owner of Email address (note, Sean Boushie now owns and . ) Here is me questioning the Officer that Took the Sean Boushie Complaint against Stephen Mocko Proving Sean Boushie is the Owner of Email address This Officer, Maury McKinney Eureka Montana served me an Order of Protection, knowing full well that the man who threatened to kill me was the man I was now being served to Stay Away from. Meanwhile, orders of protection are not mutual in Montana and therefore Sean Boushie attacked, stalked, committed Hate Crimes, conspired with others to harm me and was fully protected by a Montana Protective Order of Which I was Denied. . More at

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