Friday, February 15, 2013

University of Montana's Sean Boushie has been threatening, harassing, defaming, and intimidating Crystal Cox for over 3 years. Montana FBI, Montana Police, University of Montana Police and President, Montana Commissioners, County Attorneys and Attorney General have been aware for 3 years. In the last year Sean Boushie has been impersonating Crystal Cox, and yet the FBI, the Police continue to DO NOTHING. In the last 2 years, Sean Boushie has conspired with David Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm and with Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group to taunt, harass, threaten, defame Crystal Cox, a Defendant in their Federal Legal Actions against Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

Don't Let the University of Montana and the Missoula Montana Police EVER let you think they taking stalking or rape seriously. They DO NOT, no matter how much proof they have.

The Department of Justice was at the University of Montana investigating massive rapes, and whether the University of Montana POLICE or the Missoula Police had done enough to protect the women. I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Montana Native, KNOW that they CERTAINLY did NOT do enough to help these victims, or to even LISTEN to them.

Rape is Legal in Montana It Seems, especially in Lincoln County, Ravalli County and Missoula County. The authorities have the evidence and do nothing. They protect the RAPIST, it seems to be a State of Montana Tradition.

I had been reporting on the Montana Rape Epidemic for YEARS before this investigation. The University of Montana Police and the Missoula Police, as well as countless other Montana Counties ignored the story. They also IGNORE serious stalking, many lead to Death.

They have let this man taunt me, threaten me, harass me and impersonate me for years. And have valued his rights to quality of life over mine, a Montana Native, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

Below is today's events, SHOWING yet again, How I prove what happens and how Law Enforcement, the FBI, the University of Montana Police, the Missoula Police, and the Montana Attorney General DO NOTHING. 

University of Montana Stalker Sean Boushie, Illegally, Yet Again Impersonating Crystal Cox

State Of Montana Servers Hit Web Post where the 3 year and counting University of Montana Stalker Sean Boushie continues to, Illegally, Impersonating Crystal Cox , as he has done in large amounts of online comments, hate groups, videos and more. The Montana Authorities KNOW and DO Nothing, or Can Do Nothing.

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15 Feb12:20:53

Just After This Web Stat Above

University of Montana Stalker Impersonating Crystal Cox Deletes Blog Post Comment

Here is a Link to the Blog Post Comment where University of Montana Servers show Web Stats of the Person using a University of Montana Server to commit a Felony, by AGAIN, impersonating Crystal Cox.

Web Stat Showing University of Montana Servers making that EXACT Comment

Web Stat Proving, Crystal Cox Impersonation Came from University of Montana Servers. And Showing Web Stat of where the Same University of Montana Web Server DELETED the Comment AFTER the State of Montana Server Went to the Blog Post.

Web Stat Showing the State of Montana Hitting the Blog Post then University of Montana Server Deleting it. It is a FELONY to Impersonate Someone.

University of Montana Stalker Impersonating Crystal Cox Deletes Blog Post Comment

More on the story of Montana Law Enforcement, County Attorneys, Commissioners, Cops, Attorney General, Judges, University of Montana and more PROTECTING a man who threatened to Kill me three years ago. They have the evidence and they hide it. They protect Sean Boushie's RIGHTS over mine. WHY? I am a 4th generation Montanan, exposing corruption in the Montana Judicial System, and they are protecting this man to intimidate me, harass me, threaten me, defame me, attack me and all to try and discredit my investigative reporting and to SCARE me, intimidate me into SILENCE.

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