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Pastor John Collins: Bringing Back God Featured in Power Source Magazine. Pastor John Collins Says, "There has to be a new awakening of the church! " and "I preach to give a help-up, not a hand-out. " and Especially " LOVE THAT CROSS"

"Pastor John Collins: Bringing Back God

By: Ann Hittinger

There has to be a new awakening of the church! 

We screwed this thing up one person at a time, one church at a time,” shares Pastor John Collins, better known as “Pastor John.” “We’re here to fix it, one person at a time and one church at a time. It’s time to make Christianity cool again!”

As a non-denominational Christian, he has quickly emerged as one of the most respected evangelists in ministry today. He is a unique individual with a true love for Jesus, ‘that Cross’ and humanity. His daily Facebook messages are shared by thousands all over the world.

He is best known for his messages of the Cross. He preaches the TRUTH and that Jesus Christ is the only way.

In blue jeans, cowboy hat and shirt, he stands tall and confident with his Biblically-based words. He doesn’t resemble in dress or philosophy many high-profile preachers of today. Although considered not-politically-correct by many, he preaches with such enthusiasm and passion for the Lord. He does not sugar coat the Bible in any way in Bringing Back God (BBG).

He does not believe in the word “religion,” because it is man-made. Pastor John explains that “when Jesus came to earth, He did not tell us to start multiple religions. There is only one doctrine, and that is Christianity by the way of the Cross.”

Originally from North Carolina, his family moved to Southern Indiana for his mother’s employment. He grew up as a “cornbread and ice tea kind-of-guy, helping out on his grandparent’s farm.” He spent several years raising his family of four sons, JC, Jared, Jayton and Jevyn, where he “luckily, coached [his] sons at all levels” and did whatever he chose to do. Since Pastor John’s conversion, God has blessed him with an 8-year-old ‘Diva’ Ahnica, who fills his life with great joy.

Not always a Christian, he lived a “life of sin and had no intention of becoming a preacher. I did not find God; God found me. I was a sinner and still am, but I loved money and all that it could buy,” expressed Pastor John, “I enjoyed living my life for me with all the toys of wealth; now, I … live my life for God and Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

I am committed to living the Word, as well as preaching the Word. I believe in ‘helping thy neighbor.’” His previous life was filled with a big house, boat, Mercedes, Corvettes and Lincolns, all the “toys anyone could want.”

He thought that he was happy, but, one day “it all went away,” when he was arrested for a white collar crime, which, at that time, “seemed like the end of the world.” As Pastor John explains, “A lot of people in prison find God, I did not. I wasn’t looking for him. I did find a pathetic man who wanted to change but did not know how.

After I was released, I was still not looking for God until one day I heard God tell me to serve him. I heard it in my ear. God knows that if he had spoken to me through my heart, I would have thought it was a panic attack. If he had spoken to my gut, I would have said acid reflux, but God knew in order to change me it would have to be with his voice, and it worked; I dropped everything and became His.”

“On that day,” continues Pastor John, “I promised God to spread His word … to judge no one and to lead people to that Cross. It has NOT been an easy road! As a former prisoner, people try to blackmail you when changing your life, and that has happened several times. And, as much as it hurts and it does, I move forward with the armor of God. One thing I have learned is to accept who I am today and use my past as a testimonial of the power of God. I tell people that I used to be so far from that Cross I couldn’t see it with binoculars. Now I am so close, I have splinters in my hands and there is NOTHING or NO ONE that is going to change that.”

Turning back time to the ol’ time preachers of passion and directness, Pastor John’s sermons are similar and also inspired by God, but not written or controlled by man. In fact, he doesn’t write his sermons, and they last around forty-five minutes. Whether at Sunday services, online or at functions, all listeners get the same passion and vigor for God. He chose God and has given his life completely — God is his boss! In 2005, he began pastoring and preaching all over the United States. He was a guest speaker or guided services/ revivals and other gatherings.

After spreading himself thin, a fellowship of believers encouraged him to move to the beautiful state of Wyoming to base his ministry and provide for his family’s future. Pastor John and his family have promised God to see this through by “saving souls, one person at a time and one church at a time. With the help of our Lord, BBG is a new Christian movement to make Christianity cool again. It is time for change, before it is too late!”

“I think the church today has turned too far away from God,” continues Pastor John. “We have preachers telling people what they want to hear, to increase their congregations, book and CD sells and not what people need. We have [preachers] wanting all of your money. I don’t buy into that prosperity junk; the $20 prayer cloth doesn’t make a difference. If you want salvation, it’s a free gift from God as the saying goes ‘if you want some, come and get some.’”

“Bringing Back God — the name says it all! This world has fallen short of the Glory of God and lost its fear,” continues Pastor John, “and acts as if they have forgotten all that our Almighty God has given us … including Jesus Christ.

Don’t you think it is time to bring God back into the lives of billions and start GLORIFYING GOD and JESUS CHRIST! All churches should be on the same page to have one goal in this lifetime and that is to save souls.

No amount of money can buy a ticket to Heaven. It is through Faith that allows us to even attempt receiving Grace from our Heavenly Father. As Ephesians 2:8 (KJV) reads, ‘For by grace are ye saved through FAITH; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.’”

Pastor John relates to Jeremiah who was called the “weeping prophet,” “I cry for hurting people, especially children. I still pray and cry about my past, but then I realize, without it, I would not be as passionate or have my testimony. Billy Graham, W.A. Criswell, David Wilkerson and Mordeci Hamm have influenced my life; these leaders knew that the church needed an awakening and did their part. Our goal at Bringing Back God,” explains Pastor John, “is to let people know that no matter how rich or poor …

God loves us and wants us all to come home one day.

I preach to give a help-up, not a hand-out. 

If you tell someone you love them or proud of them, it goes a long way and gives them self-esteem.” Another ministry goal is to “get more people to the cross than Billy Graham. Everyone should have a goal and with new technologies, I want to reach more people who will understand the power of that Cross. I am determined to be successful, and, with God on my side, I know it will happen. This world needs change and needs it NOW.

“A New Awakening Revival will be launched in 2015 throughout the US,” extols Pastor John. “As an evangelist, I don’t stand behind a pulpit. Our services are known as ‘throw downs.’ I do not write sermons, I may have a few notes, but we give every ounce of everything that we have every time, because GOD deserves our best at all times.

Remember that no matter what your current situation, there is always Hope. And … our Hope is the cross. Take it personal … Jesus took it personally. You know, my ex-father-in-law Chuck used to say that I was the smartest man he ever knew, but I used it wrong. He was right, but today I know and God knows, I am doing it right and giving ALL glory to that Cross.”

Before ending, Pastor John wanted to thank a few people who helped early on: Jerry Duncan in York, Pennsylvania, owns a guitar shop and supports by playing and encouraging; Ninth Hour Legacy, comprised of Darin Boling-Bass, Joey Burkman-Drums, Amber Boling-Vocals and Jim Kramer-Guitars, have played a large role in this ministries’ growth and play whenever called upon; Billy Mason, Bryan White, Buddy Jewell, Wade Hayes and John Berry recently participated in a revival and have agreed to future revivals; and Gene Higgins, a wonderful man, who has somewhat adopted me and this ministry.”

Pastor John encourages all to, “Support your local churches. Be kind and love one another. But if your church is all about the pastor and not the Cross, RUN. It is time for a change; it is time to BRING BACK GOD. God bless everyone. Hope to see you at a Bringing Back God revival in your city soon. LOVE THAT CROSS!”"


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