Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana have consistently IGNORED the rights of victims who reach out to them for help. Yet they try and convince the PUBLIC that they take Rapes, Crime Serious. WHEN CLEARLY THEY DO NOT.

The Bill Windsor, Lawless America Film Producer case is ONE example of how those who try and report crimes committed against them in the State of Montana, are not only NOT HEARD, their allegations NOT Investigated but they also face extreme retaliation by Montana Law Enforcement, Montana Judges and Montana Prosecutors for speaking out about BLATANT injustice, human and civil rights violations, First Amendment Violations

The Missoula Police and the University of Montana as well as Judge Haynes and Judge Townsend and many others IGNORED Bill Windsor asking for help, though I, Crystal Cox had done the same thing years prior. They simply go on the stated word of the WRONG PERSON with no investigation what so ever.  They do this to SUPPRESS the TRUTH about Montana Homeland Security Programs, and to not EXPOSE the federal grants they get to investigate us, when really we are the ones blowing the whistle on the local cops, judges, prosecutor and judges who IGNORE RAPE in Montana.

The Missoula Police and the University of Montana do this to protect corruption in Montana, to cover up for University of Montana programs under Homeland Security Grants most likely in which pay stalker to harass anti-corruption bloggers and SUPPRESS what Montana Law Enforcement actually, really, truly does to Montana Citizens.

Below is Many of Bill Windsors Complaints against Sean Boushie, ALL IGNORED by Montana Law Enforcement, the same Montana Law Enforcement, Counties, Judges and University of Montana in which ignored my rights and ruined my life and business and put me under years of duress, and the also did this to Michael Spreadbury who was also reporting on the WHOLE TRUTH about Montana Law Enforcement, Politicians and the University of Montana.

Click Below for Many Complaints IGNORED in this Matter
as Seen On Lawless America Blog

"Sean Boushie has been protected by law enforcement 
again and again and again.

Bill Windsor made one police complaint after another, and no one even bothered to contact him.  At least 37 complaints — all ignored.

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