Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Missoula County Attorney office Jennifer Clark will not let up on Bill Windsor. As Missoula Law Enforcement continues to violated the civil rights of Anti-Corruption Blogger, Movie Producer Bill Windsor.

The Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark is ignoring all civil rights and seeming to act above the law and the constitution, why?

It is CLEAR that Bill Windsor is the Real Victim, yet the Missoula County Attorney Office continues to protect the University of Montana enabling stalking and harassment that ruins lives and terrorizes people for years.

Now the Missoula County Attorney office, Jennifer Clark wants to get control of Bill Windsor's passport and to take it from Texas. Neither Montana nor Texas has a constitutional right to have Bill Windsor's passport or to have jailed Bill Windsor.

Bill Windsor, Lawless America Film Producer had no protective order in place, had a legal right to contact the University of Montana as he is his own attorney.

The Missoula County Attorney has completely stripped Bill Windsor of his Civil and Constitutional Rights and seemingly all because he was reporting on Michael Spreadbury and Crystal Cox, who were reporting on Corruption in the State of Montana and connected to the University of Montana.

The Minutes and Notes of Ruling, Dated March 27th, 2015 document below clearly shows that the court recommended that Defendant Bill Windsor file a Waiver of Extradition or remain in the State of Montana. Yet now Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark wants to get Bill Windsor's passport of which they do not have reason, cause or jurisdiction to take. And all because Bill Windsor is exposing corruption in Missoula County Montana.

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Bill Windsor did file a Waiver of Extradition, and now we see below a motion to seize Bill Windsor's passport and seems to be to keep Bill Windsor in Missoula County Montana of which has NO JURISDICTION of Bill Windsor, Free Speech, or the First Amendment Right to report on - BLOG - about clear and obvious, BLATANT corruption in the State of Montana.

Motion to Amend Conditions of Release

The Department of Justice wonders why rape is rampant on the campus 
of the University of Montana. 

I say that the Missoula County Attorney, Missoula police and the University of Montana completely IGNORES the rights of victims, they fail to investigate who the real victim is, and they totally disregard the civil rights and constitutional rights of those coming to them for help. No matter how much evidence they have to prove their side of the story.

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