Thursday, October 1, 2015

We are One World. So many are so angry at Immigrants. When we, White People are IMMIGRANTS in America. Just Love, Compassion, and Equal Rights. In a Land where Hawaiians , Native Americans, Spanish and more were here before White Folks, it would make sense that White Babies would be a minority. Makes perfect Sense.


White Babies' Goes Viral

In a one-word punch line, a new editorial cartoonby syndicated cartoonistMatt Bors, which points out that American Indians were the first inhabitants of present-day America and mocks white supremacists, has gone viral in digital Indian country. 
The cartoon hits on the latest news reports that non-white births now outnumber white births.
This demographic shift, "despite being predicted for decades, is upsetting to racist ass racists," Bors wrote in his blogat
"It’s by far my most popular cartoon of the year so far," Bors told Indian Country Today Media Network. " I posted it today on my own website and got over 3,000 Facebook shares."
After new Census datawas released last week, Bors wanted to capture people's reactions— "whether racists are freaking out about whites being the majority minority," Bors said. "The idea popped into my head that this being first time non-white births outnumbered white births is not technically true."
While Bors quickly developed the concept for his cartoon, creating it proved more challenging. "It was probably one of the hardest cartoons to figure out how to approach visually," Bors said. " I wanted it to clearly say 'Native America' but not be stereotypical."
The response has been positive. "It's cool when a cartoon breaks out and becomes popular within a community," Bors said.
Bors has previously tackled mainstream issues from an American Indian perspective. In 2007, he portrayed pilgrims as filthy immigrantsthat will have "anchor babies," and in 2010, he explained why Americans have no legitimate argument against Park51, the "Ground Zero mosque," comparing it to churches on original Indian lands."


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