Thursday, January 10, 2008

Real Estate Marketing

Northwest Montana Real Estate Marketing

Sellers – the Realtors are asleep at the wheel. The Northwest Montana Realtors DO NOT get Internet Marketing and this HURTS you.

Realtors ~ Wake UP.

Your competition is giving you a thrashing. Big Companies online that do get Internet Marketing are taking the Internet Traffic that should be yours and Selling it back to You for a Premium, they call themselves Lead Generation Companies.

Some Realtors still believe the only website they need is their company website. Though more and more real estate agents have individual websites and even build specialized websites for each listing ( which their franchise owns the website), they STILL do not really understand targeted internet marketing and this makes it so that YOU sell for less and take more time doing it.

Who DOES Get Internet Marketing in Flathead Valley Real Estate?

For 3 years now ONLY a handful of Northwest Montana Realtors have marketed YOUR real estate in the Major Search Engines.

These Realtors GET your Listings found First because they bid on search Terms in Yahoo and Google to be at the top of the List when Buyers are Searching for Your Real Estate For Sale.

When you Search, for example, Whitefish Real Estate, You will note at the top and on the sides are what is called “Sponsored Results” Those People Pay to Be There. The only Real Estate Offices Marketing in the Search Engines for “Whitefish Real Estate” are:
They set out on a massive online marketing campaign around 3 years ago bidding on search terms like “northwest montana” “kalispell real estate” “whitefish real estate” “flathead lake real estate” and lots more Northwest Montana Real Estate Terms. This ALONE, put this Bran New Real Estate office located in Whitefish Montana

Whitefish Remax office

If you Search “Kalispell Real Estate”, The Only Realtors marketing in the search engines where the buyers are looking are:
Which is the National C21 Franchise, This gets traffic to the main franchise website and not necessarily to your Kalispell Real Estate for Sale.
Again a Franchise and not a Local Site.

The Realtors advertising in the Search Engines for “Missoula Real Estate” is

Most Local Realtors are Clueless and therefore only a VERY few Realtors are getting all the Buyers.

At Different times of the day and weekends these search results are different depending on when YOUR Realtor decides is best to market THEIR company and their website to get potential buyers to look at their website before the other thousand agents in the Flathead Valley. Funny, so much competition, yet only approximately 5 real estate offices over the last 3 years are marketing in the search engines where buyers are looking.

The Northwest Montana Realtors are still ALL caught up in spending HUGE amounts of money to Market Your Real Estate for Sale in the local Newspaper. This makes NO Sense. The Buyers are looking on the Internet and the Newspaper ADS are a Waste of Your Money.

The Realtors, of course, expense these ads, still print advertising makes no sense in 2008. If your Buyers are looking online for your real estate as an option to buy and your Realtor is so busy stuck in “Old Media” than that is No Good for You.

Especially in the unique Real Estate Climate the Nation is in Right Now.

There are So Many homes going in, in the Flathead Valley. This directly affects Supply and Demand, and NOW more than ever YOU need your Real Estate to Stand Out as a Better Option. Print Ads CANNOT do This.

With so much competition in Northwest Montana Real Estate and Almost all real estate buyers looking on the Internet for real estate to buy you need to get those eyes looking at your real estate FIRST.

If your Realtor Does Not Get This. YOUR in Big Trouble.

The Flathead Valley Realtors have a Website to market you with all their other listings but that’s as far as they go to “getting internet markeing”.

BUYERS are finding the For Sale By Owner that “gets internet marketing” or Your Competition BEFORE they Find You.

With All of This in Mind, You ARE Better off Building a Website for your Northwest Montana or Flathead Valley Real Estate and marketing in the Search Engines where YOUR Buyers are looking for you and Your Realtors are Not Marketing You.

If your Not Where the Buyers are, what sense does this make.

In a time where the economy is like it is, gas prices are Very High, travel expenses are high, and real estate is unpredictable, It Makes No Sense for A Buyer to Fly or Drive to Northwest Montana and research homes the old fashioned way. Buyers used to go to each office and come into town and look in local newspapers. Now Real Estate buyers look on the Internet and they SEARCH in the Search Engines.

Will THEY Find Your Northwest Montana Real Estate for Sale ?

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