Thursday, February 21, 2008

John Muhlfeld - Whitefish Real Estate News

Well The Headlines of the Daily Interlake TODAY smells quite fishy.

Now we SEE for SURE why John Muhlfeld was bent on getting into the Whitefish City Council.

He has pushed a law through that will ensure he makes HUGE amounts of Money.

Even if JOHN and the River Design Group does not get the job of “site work”, which they will, but if not they would still benefit from the job going to friends of theirs and if the property owner has a choice it will have to be John Muhlfeld of the River Design Group, he has experience in GETTING paperwork through government officials, he is on the City Council and his FiancĂ© is a Realtor – Win Win.

The article said that it is unknown how much money whitefish property owners will have to spend before they can build.

To me this says that the flood gates of MONEY have opened up to Muhlfeld’s kind of work. And he directly benefits from the law.

Yes some developers in Whitefish have abused the waterways, built to close, and cut down trees along whitefish lake. They were given tiny fines and now every landowner must pay. Follow the Money folks.

I say to you Whitefish Real Estate Owners that YOU are being manipulated so that John Muhfeld can get rich and that you should take your development dollars elsewhere. This is not about protecting the waters. I have a whole lot of paperwork on the Grave Creek Project in Eureka Montana and what John Muhlfeld Designed ripped out every year and he did not care. The worse job he did the more he got paid to come back and fix it.

John Muhlfeld admitted, with several people present that he had already chose who would do the ground work on the project. These folks were friends of his, and therefore, the public notice and trainings for the locals were just protocol.

John Muhlfeld is not to be trusted. He acts righteous, like he wants to protect the waterways and it is NOT True. John Muhlfeld is out for a long term pay check. And NOT for what is best for water and fisheries. I mean wasn’t’ gas being dumped into the Whitefish River, how long did that take to clear up. The gas station is allowed on the river banks but houses are not.

Take a look at his past work, he never has cared about the rights of property owners.

He works for the government and will do as he pleases. He brings dogs onto your property when specifically asked not to. He has no regard to property rights and he is NOT good at his job. Is this Defamation ? Folks, get every single document from every single job he has done. Under the Freedom of information act you can demand copies of this paperwork. And when you read it all you will see that John’s work is not quality and is all about creating high paying jobs for himself and his friends and now he will have an inside connection and quite possibly his Realtor fiancĂ© will make lots of money on Whitefish Waterfront Real Estate.

Open your Eyes Folks, Today’s Headlines is all about River Design Group and John Muhlfeld making MONEY.

I do believe waterways SHOULD be protected, but anything with Muhlfeld’s name on it is suspect of corruption, lies, greedy, faulty work and trampling of landowners rights.

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