Thursday, June 12, 2008

Revett Minerals

HELENA, Mont. -
Another lawsuit seeks to block development of a copper and silver mine beneath the federal Cabinet Mountains Wilderness in northwestern Montana.

Conservation groups claiming the Rock Creek Mine would jeopardize sensitive bull trout filed a case this week charging the tentative state permit for the project is the wrong kind and imposes only run-of-the-mill requirements. The suit in state court seeks an order demanding a comparatively stringent permit for the mine proposed by Washington-based Revett Minerals Inc., which has said mining would not disturb the surface of the wilderness area. State work preceding that permit would include a study to assess the potential for water degradation from mining.

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Will NOT Disturb the Surface, WHAT ? you poison the Water, you drill under neath and it will not affect the surface, you will not feel the ground vibrate on your hikes in the wilderness? You will not drink the water, eat the fish or the wildlife affected, the lakes will not drain and your Surface will not be affected - WHAT ?

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