Friday, March 28, 2008

Wilderness Club Montana

Well, according to My Sources the Wilderness Club Montana GETS to Keep their Building. They finished the building, saying they had to in order to protect the foundation. Even though they were ordered to STOP construction, they knew that if they continued that there would be too much value in the building and the Judge would let them keep it. That is what they were banking on and that is what has seemed to of happened, according to my sources.

So what this means to you is that ANYONE with enough money can move in next to you, violate your covenants, cut down your trees, break into your home, shoot your dog, cause SEVERE property erosion on your borders, take the VALUE out of your property that you have worked a lifetime to build, harass you, violate your property rights and ignore a court order telling them to Stop. You may get some sort of damages but you WILL NOT get your life back. You will not get your dog back. You will never get the real VALUE out of your property.

I thought that if you violated a judge’s order that you were in contempt. I guess I am wrong on that. Joe Purdy and the Wilderness Club claim that the neighbors gave them permission to cut down their trees and build a giant road. It has been said to me that Joe said he was going to cut down the trees because he could. They were not given permission of any kind. They simply cut the trees down, took them away, and built a road to build a LARGE hideous building that violates the covenant and ruins lives.

The property next to the Commercial Building was once a place of sanctuary, with trees blocking neighbor houses and noise. Now there is a huge amount of dust, the trees have been removed without the landowners permission, there is constant light and noise, there is constant traffic, and the stress is absolutely unbearable.

The Wilderness Club has ruined the lives of hard working local residents and for what ?

For a Building, to house chemical fertilizers to keep a luxury, private golf course green. A building put here so as to ruin the adjacent landowners property values while keeping this “maintenance building” out of site of the homes in the Wilderness Club Resort, thereby making sure the NICE homes do not have to look at this building while making the landowner not part of their exclusive club, look at the building – suffer the noise and dust and 24 hour lighting.

Apparently the “High End” homes are given more rights to a good quality of life than those who have lived here a lifetime.

It is Simple Wrong.

Why can’t the Wilderness Club Montana just do the Right Thing.

And why doesn’t anybody seem to care? Is Eureka Montana so desperate for this resort because we need the taxes that we will literally ruin people’s lives to make it happen? I guess so.
IF You Buy a Lot or a Home in the Wilderness Club Montana than you are basically saying It is ok to ruin peoples lives, it is ok for Big Money to violate property rights and do whatever they please regardless of the law or what is ethically right.

If you have money than your version of the Truth seems to hold more weight than what actually happened. This is what seems to be true for the situation with the Wilderness Club Montana.

What Happens Next.

Starting April 1st there will be a trial to determine what damages the neighbors have suffered. They will never get their life, as they new it back. And they will never get the price for their real estate that it would have been worth had the Wilderness Club Golf Resort not ruined their property value. I personally would not pay a dime for that property and neither would any client, (real estate buyer). Why in the world would you want a home where you front yard is caving in because of a giant road to the back side of resort is to close and undermining your property, where a giant heating and cooling system is so loud you cannot here the crickets, where lights blare 24 hours a day, where you live in the woods but do not have any trees for a buffer between houses, and people are constantly in your front yard with machinery to maintain an elite resort. No Way, I could not sell this property for any price.

There is absolutely no doubt that what the Wilderness Club has done in this situation has severely hurt the property values of the adjacent landowners and all they seem to care about is their bottom line. As a real estate broker owner, I care about people’s property rights before – during and long after their real estate transaction. And what the Wilderness Club has done is inexcusable period.

Keep in Mind folks, Fair Market Value is different than appraised Value. Just because a property will appraise for a certain price does not mean that anyone will buy it for that price.

In Conclusion, ask yourself – Who Will move in next to you and Take away Your Lifestyle ? Lets hope it is not property that Joe Purdy of Montana Properties is in charge of or property purchased by the Norcal Group out of Calgary Alberta, or really any Big Business – you can bet you will have no rights.

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