Monday, July 14, 2008

Confessions Of A Realtor

Real Estate Industry Whistleblower

Folks, What you Don't Know about
the Real Estate Industry

is Seriously Hurting YOU.
Realtors are not trained in
what you really need them to know.
Realtors Go To School for ONE Weekand Learn How to Pass a Test.

They are NOT trained in ANYTHING
that will actually Protect
the Real Estate Consumer

in ANY Way.

Realtor FORMS for Buying and Selling Real Estate
are Intended to Protect the Realtor and NOT
The Real Estate Consumer.
There is Not ONE Good Reasonthat You Needa Realtor
in your Real Estate Transaction.
Not ONE !!!

99% of Realtors Do Not Get Internet Market
You could Lose More than Money Buying or Selling
your Real Estate with the Use of a Realtor.

There is NO Consumer Protection in Real Estate.

Your Realtor's E and O insurance Protects
Your Realtor and in NO WAY
protects the Real Estate Consumer.

real estate blog
Subscribe to MY Blog and Find Out More
thanYou Ever Thought To Ask about the Real Estate Industry.
I will tell you SHOCKING stories of what can and does happen
in the Real Estate Industry and in YOUR Real Estate Transaction
that Really Could Ruin Your Lifeand Possible be Life Threatening.

I will Keep You Out of a Whole Lot
of Pitfalls that You May End Up in.

I will share with you Red Flags for you to look for in
the Real Estate you are thinking
of Purchasing, Before You Buy.

I want You to Keep your Money and to keep
Your FamilySAFE for Many Years to come.

How do you REALLY know
a neighborhood before you move in?

What is the Least you need to know
about local water rights issues?

What is the Truth About Home Inspections ?

What is the Big Deal about your Realtor telling you
that they are an Accredited Buyers Agent (ABR), GRIor other Fancy Accreditations and Does
this Really Benefit the Consumer?

Realtors need you to believe that theycan protect you
in your real estate transaction.But the Truth is They Cannot.

The livelihood of all realtors is under attack by the Internet,
they are holding on to their careers andtheir outdated
business model the best they can.

The real estate industry wants to keep the public at largein
the dark on the details of how the real estate industry works
and wants to keep you out of their multiple listing

database that was created from your data.

Appraisals are in NO Way AccurateFind Out Why.
I am a Real Estate Industry whistle blower.

I am an Advocated for your Righs in Your Real EstateTransactions

Before, During and Long after Your Real Estate Closing.

I am a Real Estate Broker Owner Who Recently
QUIT the National Association for You.

Being a Member of the Association of RealtorsDoes Not Give
me any more advantage or help to Sell your Real Estate Better,
With More integrity or with more knowledge than
being a Regular Real Estate Broker.

Why Do Realtors Want to Keep Banks Out of Real Estate?

What Top Corporate Companies owns so
much of the Real Estate Industry That it would be
impossible to compete the them?

It's Time You Know the Truth
Selling a home

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