Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the Truth About the Real Estate Industry

You Need to Know what to Look for In your Real Estate Transaction, who to trust, and how to protect your family and your assets. Subscribe to my Blog and learn the Truth about the Real Estate Industry.

The Real Estate Industry is Hurting the Real Estate Consumer every Single Day. Subscribe to My Blog and find out the Truth about the Real Estate industry. Selling a Home is Stressful Enough without the Corruption of the Real Estate Cartel. You NEED to know what I have to say to protect your assets and the life and lifestyle of your family. Real Estate offers NO consumer Protection. The Realtors E and O Insurance and the Real Estate Forms are intended to Protect the Realtors, Not the Real Estate Consumer. Protect yourself by Knowing More. You Must Know this Stuff in order to protect yourself before, during and after your real estate transaction.

Do Realtors Lie? Is For Sale by Owner the Best Way? How do your Really know if the home your thinking of buying is safe? How can a Seller steal your money, lie to you and legally get away with it? can a Realtor legally committ fraud? Find out at

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