Sunday, January 25, 2009

Offshore Wind Farms in the News

They Force Wind Farms for the Good of All just as they did when they forced the giant electric power lines through farms and condemned them so the land owners had no choice. In towns like my hometown, the Corp. of Engineers came in and flooded fertile, rich land and created dust bowls and now the area will never be the same and the Land Owners children lost their legacy, their inheritance and their way of life.

Zero Point Energy was used a hundred years ago to power cars. Electricity existed before GIANT powerlines, drilling for gas and oil ever began. And now it is not enough that we are drilling offshore, spilling oil into the oceans, killing the wildlife with these methods.

But now Wind Farms such as the one in controversy off of cape code, they say will definately affect migrating birds, they are VERY Ugly to the coast line and they cost a fortune, oh well, you the American people will pay for it. With Zero Point Energy there is a One

They Jailed men who tried to tell you about it, why ? We have a Right to Free Energy, we have a right to beautiful coasts, to watch migrating birds, and to not have poison in the oceans with oil.

A One time Cost and you Have Free Energy for Decades and it is NOT readily available to you because someone will not make residual money and be able to control you, keep you at work, keep you down.

Learn More About Zero Point Energy

STOP buying into all the Hogwash that Keeps You Down, keeps you suffering and in debt.

Zero Point Energy - Magnetic Energy - the Searl Generator

No more Winter Storms that Disable you because you don't
have electricity to Keep Warm. ... Zero Point Energy
Magnetic Generators are Free Energy
No More Dying of Heat Stroke with Summer time
Power Failures.. Control Your Destiny.. Control
the Safety of your Own Family..
Learn all You Can About Zero Point Energy..
They Talk About Energy Independence, that is a Joke,
We have Always had the Tools to be Energy Dependent and NOT
as a Country on the Whole, but each household, each community
Independently creating their own energy with out taking
farms, destroying rivers, blasting rock and drilling into the earth.

"They" jailed the Inventor of the Searl Effect Generator, they took his prototype, Why? It was to Keep Control of You. Step Out of It and Find Out More.
Maybe they are Afraid of What you Will Do with this Kind of Power. What will you do with your life if you don't have to work so much to pay for Electricity, Gas, Oil.

"The Searl Effect Generator developed in the 1960s is allegedly capable of cheaply and safely producing electricity without fuel, pollution, friction, or noise. Anti-gravity effects also involved.
Now a mock-up version has been produced demonstrating some of the core principles.
"I have known John since 1988 and have watched his work closely since that time. In the last 19 years I have had the privilege of meeting a number of those people who worked with him in the 1960's and 1970's, who have all confirmed the facts John explained in the first couple of years of our friendship."

-- Dr. Terry Moore (Mar. 10, 2007)

In 1968, like many free energy pioneers, Searl was imprisoned on fake charges. In addition there were regular clashes with UK energy monopolies like
Otis T Carr had with GM.
The height of Searl's achievement squashed at this point - he had nearly two dozen operational SEGs which were all sequestered, along with his plans. Since being released from jail, he has been seeking to rebuild what he had once achieved.

The Searl-Effect is based on complex rotating magnetic-field effects, and as such is related to the experiments performed by Godin & Roschin, Marcus Hollingshead, KD, and in a very general way even the work that Podkletnov and Ning Li have done with rotating superconductors.
Godin and Roschin replicated a single-ring SEG in Russia and reported that as the device reached 550 rpm that it began to self-accelerate and was enveloped in a bluish glow. Marcus Hollingshead is using a device featuring a unique coil-design, and despite the fact that he had never heard of the SEG while building his device, he claims that his effects of Antigravity and field-effect shielding match the SEG almost perfectly.
Searl SEG Updates - 2008

Good news - the magnetizer (500KiloWatt SEG Printer Magnetizer and major electrical bus panel) is almost done, we are just waiting now for the buffer unit. Progress is good, and when this is done we will be able to magetize the plates and roller sets. "

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Think for Yourself : Knowledge is Power
Better than Wind Power, Better Then Solar - No Harm - No Pollution from it.
NO Nuclear Power.

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