Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hair of the Dog ~ Energy and Nutritional Drink

It is Called Hair of the Dog, it is a Liver Cleansing Drink .. Yes for Hangovers but Also Energy.. Check it OUT.

The Hair of the Dog™ that bit you, you've heard of it; that simple phrase that describes the solution for your morning woes after you've had one too many drinks.

Traditionally this phrase was meant to describe the process of drinking the same alcohol you had the night before to help alleviate the side effects of alcohol.

Now Good Life brings new meaning to the phrase with an All Natural Alternative to feeling better in the morning. By making Good Life's Hair of the Dog™ the last drink of the night you can avoid the morning after affects from alcohol. If you forget to take it before going to bed, Hair of the Dog™ will "Take the Bite out of Last Nite"™

Hair of the Dog's patented formula is meant to restore your body and give you clarity.

Not only does each can of Hair of the Dog contain over 1,000mg of Vitamin C, but here's the kicker, each can also delivers 3,200mg of Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxifiers which specifically targets the liver.

The liver works as a filter, protecting you from toxic substances that you ingest each day such as medicines, alcohol, pesticides and chemicals.

So why not detoxify your body while you drink. Take Better Care of Your Body and It Will Take Better Care of You.

Energy VersionHere's what sets Hair of the Dog
apart from the crowd:

3200mg of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver Detoxifiers

1000mg of Vitamin C

Energy Versions Contain: Powerhouse energy blend of Guarana Berry, Caffeine, Taurine & Ginseng Plus Four B-Vitamins
(B3, B5, B6 & B12) for natural smooth energy

Detoxify your Body.

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Hair of the Dog Nutritional Energy Drink

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