Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Power Line Moving Forward

With Trans-Canada Corp. Spending Big Money on Powerlines this, in my opinion, will hold us back from FREE electric which has always been Available. Zero Point Energy, Magnetic Motors, the Searl Generator, Moray B. King, Adam Trombly, Michael Faraday, Tom Valone's and Tesla to name a few are good places to start for you to study a free energy that does not involve wind, sun, or power lines.

This power line project is another way for somebody to get rich for years to come and to use Eminent Domain to Take over Properties. I use to think Wind was a good source of Power, but I have learned of better ways. It is quite sad to think that we NEVER needed Oil, Gas, Electricity - YET the damage and destruction that using these commodities has caused is seemingly irreversable. There were cars running on Electric Motors a hundred Years ago.

"the Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray" is a Book about Zero Point Energy and Pulsed Plasma Physics by Moray B. King. This books talks of the absolute shocking tactics of those in power to keep us from Free Energy. This Book also talks of this "Free Energy" as it was invented and used over a Century ago. And we are Still Dependent on Others for Power to our Lights.

I Saw a PBS Special where copper and clay pots was found in very deep caves, they say that there was no way to do the drawings that were in that cave without Light, actual light. And that the Copper and Clay Pots was Used to Light up the Tunnel and this was Centuries upon Centuries ago.

The Power Line Project is Called the Chinook Transmission Line Project and those along they way THEY choose will get next to nothing for use of their land and they do not have a choice. For the Power Line is said to be of the Greater Good and therefore you don't get a Vote.. you just shut and get paid. Though their land would be worth Millions more to a Real Estate buyer at somepoint looking for Privacy - Seclusion.. but with Major Power Lines the Land is Worthless.

"The company expects to
announce a partnership with
a large wind power generator
perhaps by April. Trans-
Canada told Gov. Brian Schweitzer
in the meeting that
it needs a commitment from
a wind power company large
enough to use about half of
the transmission line’s 3,000
“The project is really
starting to get some legs,”
said Scott Farris, TransCanada
government relations
TransCanada has a similar
line planned for Wyoming,
called Zephyr. The
lines will provide “green
energy” to Las Vegas, Los
Angeles, Phoenix and Southwest
energy markets and
will both stretch about 1,000
miles at a cost of about $3
billion for each line.
The company believes that
the hungry energy markets
in the Southwest have a
desire to purchase renewable
energy, even if it could
cost more."

From the Daily Interlake

So This Company is Banking on the NEED or the Desire that people have for renewable energy.. Wind.. Yet these Giant Windmills will be on Private land and last I heard from the Landowners they were not offer near competative rates... Yet a Windmill.. a Power Line of this Size will Change the Landowners life forever.. and We Do Not Need it.. there are Better Ways but you see if you pay for the upfront cost of something Like a Searl Generator and it runs a hundred years without stopping.. well that is No Darn Good for the Economy. Unless a Giant, Greedy, All Consuming Energy Company can charge you a monthly fee then it is of no use. Find out more Folks. This is Not Good Thing.

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