Friday, June 26, 2009

the Daily Interlake - WOW - Sheriff Recall petition sent Back for Revisions

The Headlines Today READ
"Eureka residents say Sheriff Failed to Investigate Rapes."

Officials have asked a group of Eureka-area residents to redraft their petition to recall Sheriff Daryl R.Anderson over what thegroup alleges was a failureto properly investigate aseries of rape complaints.In a letter sent Tuesday tothe Lincoln County RecallCommittee, Tammy D.
Lauer, Lincoln County clerk and recorder and election administrator,withheld approval of thegroup’s petition on both proceduraland substantive grounds.

The recall committee will be required to submit a hardcopy of the petition in the formit will be circulated, file anew affidavit stating the basisfor its knowledge of the facts claimed to constitute incompetence,and remove the words “We the people of Lincoln County.”

Diane Kaechele spokeswoman for the Lincoln County Recall Committee, said the group “absolutely” will re-file the petition.

“We will do what we have to do to move this petition forward,” she said. “The only supervisors [Anderson] has are the people who voted him into office.”

The petition, which first was reviewed by the county attorney’s office for legality and compliance with state statute,was filed last week. The recall committee has the option to challenge in court the changes required by elections officials.

An approved version of the petition must be signed by at least 1,946 people — 15 percentof the number of residents registered to vote in Lincoln County’s last general election— to force a county wide special election with Anderson’s recall on the ballot.

In the draft petition, the Lincoln County Recall Committee accuses Anderson of failing to investigate six rape complaints “completely, if at all.”

Anderson has roundlyand repeatedly rejected the committee’s claims ofincompetence and wrong doing.

The recall committeealso has expressed dissatisfaction with Anderson’s handling of an April 2008 case where a black Labrador dog was found dead in the Tobacco River near the Pigeon Bridge off Montana 37.

But investigators have said the case was blown out of proportion and evidence does not exist to support a theory that the dog was beaten and tortured.

The draft petition also accuses Anderson of denying a man a permit to carry a concealed weapon permit withouta written statement of probable cause and hiring a deputy without sending him to the state’s law enforcement academy.

Anderson, however, has said the weapon permit was denied because the applicant was involved with the Freeman uprisingof 1996 in Eastern Montana.

The deputy was only hired on a temporary basis, reportedly pursuant to state regulations, and now is a Lincoln County justice of the peace.

Reporter Nicholas Ledden can be reached
at 758-4441 or by e-mail at
Thank Your Nicholas Ledden for having the Balls to Print this. The Tobacco Valley News Does Not have any backbone to Stand up for Justice, they are for Ad Dollars only. Our Local Commissioner Marianne Roose seems to control the paper as well and agree with them that all has been done appropriately by Daryl Anderson and She is Flat Wrong.

The Tobacco Valley News Owner, Editor Says Don't Sign The Recall... So Do NOT listen to the Tobacco Valley News on What Really Matters to your Life and personal Safety in Lincoln County Montana.
Crystal L. Cox

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