Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hamilton Montana Mayor Elections - Montana Moxy at it's Best.. Michael Spreadbury for Hamilton Mayor

Hamilton, Montana- The race for Mayor of Hamilton, Montana is presently between an appointed incumbent and a challenger.

The challenger is Michael Spreadbury, an advocate for equal protection under the law, and local watchdog for the people. Spreadbury is a strong advocate of justice; when a felony crime was committed in the City of Hamilton and covered up by law enforcement, and the current council, he voiced his concern.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is retraining the Hamilton Police Chief for this act in 2007. In the Montana Code, it states powers of the Mayor (MCA 7-32-4103) which is supervision of the police department.

Hamilton Police Officers have been acting outside the jurisdiction of the City of Hamilton; this can be attributed to a deficiency in the acting Mayor, Jerry E. Steele. Candidate Michael Spreadbury has experience as a federal officer working with law enforcement, and fire personnel from around the United States. As Mayor, the duties of coordination and supervision of the police department will come as second nature.

The voters of the city of Hamilton asked the council and mayor to have an election for a city treasurer. This was not accomplished. To deny the will of the voter goes against Article II section I of the Montana Constitution: popular sovereignty (all power to the voters). It also violates free speech, or 1st amendment protections. Michael Spreadbury has entered this race to attempt equal justice under the law, and to return the city government of Hamilton back to the people, where it belongs.

The City of Hamilton has seen great annexations of land which has lost sight of its city boundaries, and responsibilities. It is time for a true public servant to enter as Mayor of Hamilton, one with trusted public service and dedication of service.

Our last mayor resigned due to non-cooperation with the council, and also non-supervision of the local law enforcement. The voters of the City of Hamilton, Montana deserve a choice that is fundamentally different than the status quo. Jerry E. Steele has served as city councilor and acting Mayor. He has shown his capabilities and fell short. Candidate for Mayor Michael Spreadbury is ready to put his best foot forward for the city of Hamilton. It is time for a great Mayor to bring justice and prosperity to the people.

The election will take place by mail-in ballot sent in mid-October and tallied on November 3, 2009. Ballots will be mailed from the Ravalli County Elections office, 215 S. 4th St. Hamilton MT 59840. Currently, approximately 4, 700 residents live within 3.6 sq. Miles in Hamilton, MT.

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