Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear Attorney General Bullock Open Letter to Montana Attorney General

Dear Attorney General Bullock,

Now we have proof that Ravalli County law enforcement are capable of crime. This organization was founded on the fact that law enforcement engage in criminal acts. By stealing large quantities of ammunition in-house, the criminals are your law enforcement units.

Is it time to elevate the state of Montana above it's 48th ranking? When law enforcement rob, steal, rape, make victims of crime into perpetrators, the buck stops with you.

With respect to Lincoln County alleged rapes by law enforcement, we never saw any provision to take culpability for such allegations. Rape kit evidence speak for themselves. Within the Montana Recall Act (MCA 2-16-600 et seq.) asks for a sworn statement of 200 words. Otherwise it is called entrapment. I think your department can do better.

Please be proud of your corporate and status filled term as as our elected official. We would like you to put your education and skills to work to protect Montanans. Can you do accomplish your legal responsibilities as AG?

It is a time for Montana to rise above these petty crimes. It is also time to prosecute the Ravalli County Deputies responsible for the theft of ammunition from the Ravalli County Sheriff Office.


The Webmaster,
Bitterroot Rising .org

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