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I listened to the interview of Paul Stramer by Michael Jamison again tonight and Well I have a Few things to Say..

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rHad I NOT been there from the Seed Moments of This Recall for a Montana Sheriff - I Never Would have believed or Imagined the level of deception, of Corruption that I have Now First Hand Witnessed..
Michael Jamison's "Level Best" is NO Where Near GOOD Enough.
Paul is Extremely Articulate, not alot of ums.. and hymn ha's .. he is speaking intelligently, factual and not stammering at all, but the STORY you get is from the blithering.. nonsensically.. logic of the guy asking the questions...
Paul Does Not Claim to Be part of the Recall and GUESS what SHOCKER he is NOT.. he is simply one of many - MANY supporters.. Wake Up Folks.. your Being Sold a Bill of Goods that you Don't want to be buying...
I must tell you what I am seeing is giving me an intriguing fascination with Paul Stramer. Why put Paul Stramer in as the Reason for the Recall and try and Discredit the Real Reasons? Well so Anderson can just act like he really is doing a Good Job.. Well in Between Wife Beatings.. that is.. he might try here and there.. but I am NOT buying it.. I have lived here to long.. talked to to many victims.. I see NO Justice, ONLY Politics.
As I watch the Media, the Hate, the Politicians put the Limelight of Hate and Agenda on One Man.. while at the same time I get call after call, emails, chats, messages.. from victims.. and through Diane Kaechele paper trail I have seen a HUGE amount of Real Crimes that are recorded and no prosecution, that on top of the Rapes, and other crimes that are denied to even exist.. YET they Really REALLY do Exist.. why lie.. what could possibly be the motive?
Surrounding the media, the comments, the letters to the editor about Paul Stramer I see Flat Out lies, I see Officials lie about Paul right there in front of me.. I witness injustices that you would not believe and you may NEVER believe..
I go places and the Press, the Politicians lie about what happened there, I hear interviews, see conversations and hear what is REALLY happening and then I see the PRESS, the Reporter Lies, the Detectives Lie, the Sheriff lies, the Commissioners lie, the Local paper lies.. and the Rights of Victims are what is really at stake, not anything to Do with a guy named Paul Stramer.
Jamison WRONGLY associates the Recall of Sheriff Anderson as all Political and All about Paul Stramer and Sheriff Mack. And that is NOT based in TRUTH, not even a little bit.
Even 2 years ago I would have believed the Local Law, Politicians, Paper, Missoulian, and local Judges.. possibly I would not have just believed one or two.. I can see a Line of Bull Coming At Me, however all of them and what they are ALL saying is a Reality... well 2 years ago I would not have believed Paul Stramer’s version of the Truth. It is just to "Out There" to think they would all be Lying and this one man.. would be telling the TRUTH.. But He Is.. That is Just the Way it is. I have no reason to lie.
I don’t really know Paul Stramer well, those who do know me well know that my beliefs and lifestyle are worlds apart from Paul Stramer and in Fact had not even met him before all this..
I was seriously hesitant about going to a Lincoln County Watch meeting because of Paul Stramer and what I had heard all these years, but we needed to let more people know about the Rapes, about the Crimes and Victims we were hearing about and so we went there.
It was a Packed house, probably mostly because so many of us have really seen the Denied Military activity here and people wanted to share their stories. After the Recall and all this Mumbo Jumbo those folks stopped coming, either because they believed the Lies being told or were scared of their businesses being boycotted. The Truth is so Taboo here.. that we must hide it or loose our business, possible our home, jobs, and possibly even our family.
What is So Wrong with Want people to Obey the Law? If we don't allow or ask questions, how do we get answers? Why in the world are you paying law enforcement to protect you and Enforce the Law when they do not. It is that simply, if they are not enforcing the laws that are in place then the people have a right to fire them. The People hired him or her and the people can fire him or her Right?
So about this "Recorded Interview"
Michael Jamison said he Doesn’t Use a Recorder, are You Kidding Me? Don’t all Reporters use a Recorder when taking an interview. I see reporters at events recording it, I see Reporters Record Interviews.. How else would they POSSIBLY remember what to write unless they just Make it Up or have other Planned Agendas.

Michael Jamison Starts right out saying he does not use a Recorder, so we can pretty much guess that his “take” on all this will be inaccurate Right?

I personally believe, in my Personal opinion that Michael Jamison planned to and did tape this call as well. He just was not going to admit it. Paul Stramer Being an Honorable man asked the Reporter for Permission to Tape the Call.

So funny to me, Paul Stramer graciously allows Michael Jamison to interview him and then he makes him out to look like a hateful, vengeful monster. He is allowed the interview and then he simply trashes the man.. Don’t give Michael Jamison an interview for ANY Reason.

If your just NOT into what Sheriff Mack has to say, well then you totally agree with your Law Enforcement not following their oath of office, not upholding the law and basically just running amok while you pay them. Sheriff Mack is simply about Cops actually Obeying the Law and upholding their Oath. Is that to much to ask for? Is that To Out There?

If you don’t believe we have a loss of Freedom then you don’t know what is going on in Flathead County, Lincoln County, Sanders County, Gallatin County, and Ravalli County – and that is just what I know so far. We have no rights, Judges, Cops, Law Enforcement are not acting or judging within the scope of the Law. Richard Mack, and supporting what he has to say is simply saying No to “Tyranny” – Yes Local Terrorism and Cops - Law Enforcement acting outside of the law that our government put into place to Protect Us.

If you don’t like what Sheriff Mack has to say then your not into being a Law abiding Citizen or have those laws enforced. It is that Simply, no Big Mystery or Conspiracy, Just the Facts.

Coincidental, and Perhaps that is all it is, says Michael Jamison. We are trying to Recall the Sheriff, ya know Michael Jamison sounds like a snake to me, he is not after the truth, he is baiting Paul, and then he still printed a twisted version of Reality. Almost as if that was his plan all along.. Perhaps it is just coincidental. So why Bother Calling, the story was seemingly already written.
Sheriff Mack went many other places in Montana, on this “Coincidence” trip.. Michael Jamison makes it sound so mysterious.. Duh.. the guy was on a Summer tour to get his message heard.. not so Sci-Fi, or mysterious if one had the ability to actually think it through.
Michael Says that One of the Detective From Lincoln County Said… well He did not have the Detective on the Record, so it was not fair to quote him really, however, he probably did tape that call.. and why such stammering with this question.. Get it Out… And we all know he did later Quote that detective anyway.

So Michael Jamison goes to say Not on the Record of Course, but He, the Detective Expressed Concerns THAT… that he, um.. boy this is the longest question.. ever.. SPIT it OUT..

The Recall, and Sheriff Mack WAS uh.. very political in Nature.. What a Bunch of BULL.. a couple of gals.. Diane Kaechele and myself, just 2 woman.. we went to the Lincoln County Watch meeting, where Diane told the group at that MOMENT that the Sheriff needed to be recalled. I have it on Video..
She had got 1500 signatures on a petition for a dog murder, took it to the Commissioners they did nothing, the community raised a big REWARD for information on this.. and still the LAW did NOTHING… those of us in the know are fully aware of what this led to..

How convoluted, how ridiculous of Michael Jamison to say the Recall is Paul's agenda to run a Candidate for Sheriff.. WE Do NOT Care who the Sheriff is.. none of the Recall Supporters do.

They simply want whoever is sheriff to actually do their job, it really is that simple.
The Twisted hype of the media, of Anderson, of the press is Well a Flat Out Lie, that is all there is to it, I have witnessed this from the Begining, I am not a Conservative, not a Ron Paul Supporter ( though in reading his information I ought to be).. I am not one that anyone would think would stand up for Paul Stramer.. but folks I am Standing up for the Recall the One Brave Woman brought to us, Diane Kaechele and joined with Ginny Emerson there Amazing following through is creating an opportunity for Real Change here in Lincoln County Montana SHOULD you Stand up and Take that Gift.
Either way, I will not let the Recal be all about Paul Stramer, though that is what the media wants in order to Keep the Recall from Succeeding and instead Succeeding in ripping all dignity and rights from the REAL Victims of Real Crimes in Lincoln County Montana.
Paul Stramer had no idea of the Rapes, the Crimes un-prosecuted, Diane Kaechele brought this to the group, she did the research on it, she got this going and she met Ginny Emerson at the Group and Ginny Emerson is now helping her.. they are Simply 2 woman running a recall and Paul Stramer is simply ONE of the many men supporting it. I am simply the Seeker of Truth, and the Guardian of REAL information from the People, and Yes I have what I say backed up.. want proof.. Ok then .. Ask that of Michael Jamison of the Missoulian as well, as that of the Tobacco Valley News and of the Lee Newspaper Chain.
What the Media, the Local Law, Detectives and Judges are doing to Paul Stramer is a Serious Fascination to me, it is blowing my mind. I see with my Own Eyes, I Hear with my Own Ears and everyone of those in POWER, the power to tell the STORY that you will believe ..they are LYING.. and YOU believe them, really what choice do you have and before I saw this with my own eyes and ears, I probably would have believed the Media on it too. It would simply be to "Out There" to believe any other version.. Luckily for me anyway, I do know the Truth.

I would NEVER have believed that a Detective, a Sheriff, a Judge, a Commissioner, a Missoula Paper and a Local Paper would all lie and distort information so much that the real TRUTH is no where near recognizable.

You folks listen to the Interview, read what Jamison wrote and you decide what it TRUE and know this… Diane Kaechele, a relative stranger to the Tobacco Valley saw a horrible injustice to an animal and she set out to do something about it.. 1500 signatures and NO one listened then the Rapes, then the Research of Countless other crime.

And Diane Said, well if the Sheriff won’t do anything about it then we need to Recall him and she set out to Do Just that. The thing is many of us were like, nah.. that will never work, and we having lived a lifetime here were afraid to even try. Diane Kaechele pushed it forward, and to this day her and Ginny Emerson still push, still beat the streets and make the calls for YOUR Rights to Justice.. Such Dedication for Total Strangers.. the least I can do is back them up, is tell the Truth, is Make a Stand for the Truth that I do know.
Those who believe all the powers that be on this, go right ahead.. But for Me, I have seen the Light, and this is Very Sick stuff and Paul Stramer getting all the Media, all the Blame and taking the Heat on this is a Sick Play at STOPPING Justice, and it is NOT right in any sense of the word.

SO this Mystery Detective which Jamison names later anyway.. Could this be the same detective harassing victims on the Hicks case, could it be the same guy that says the recall is about politics and not victims and is said to have an underage girlfriend and a Mystery Video on YouTube with Young Girls?

Do you think that Michael Jamison is really after the Truth here or just to make Paul look like the bad guy, the Criminal and the Detective to look like the upstanding citizen.. when he is Certainly Not.. from what I hear.

Watching the Media and Local Politics make this Recall About Paul Stramer – Past, Present and Future SHOULD be a WAKE up CALL to every single one of you.. they are LYING, flat out lying and your eating it up like Birthday Cake.. yee haw.. You Got the Wrong Man..

The Argument that Anderson wasn’t doing a good job, Jamision gets to attempt to ruin a man’s reputation and he does not go and look at arrests, at prosecutions, talk to victims, talk to those who really started the recall and instead just puts the whole recall on Paul.. Sick.. Really..
Michael Jamison is NOT credible in any way at ALL.. Do your Homework Folks, think for yourself. This guy is on the Wrong Side of the Moral Compass in any Belief System.

Saying that Anderson was not doing his job was less then genuine.. says Michael Jamison.. what a Crock.. Paul is NOT running the recall Michael Jamison.. Clueless.. And again a Political Motive..
Woman are drugged and raped, many in groups.. People are Robbed.. Meth Dealers walk.. Child Porn no Prosecution.. Anderson has Beat 4 wifesAnderson's current Wife has Embezzled over and over.. cops are beating victims .. cops give criminals a ride home from crimes scenes… Real Crimes are Really Happening.
Michael Jamison NEEDS to do his homework before he listens to ONE detective that answers to Anderson and needs his protection.
Is Michael Jamison really this naïve and living in la la land or has he been paid off to work for the Wrong Side of the Law, the Wrong Side of Civil Rights and Basic Morality?
It is NOT about Anderson’s position on gun laws, I did not even know that when the Recall started and I know FOR SURE that Diane Kaechele started this Recall based on Rape, on Crimes not prosecuted, on a Dog hung to death and bled out and no prosecution and other sick and disturbing crimes and not on any view or vote that Sheriff Daryl Anderson may have had…
Talk about Naïve.. or EVIL.. which is it ? I am hoping that Michael Jamison is just naïve and that in his little world he could not possible imagine what we are up against in Lincoln County Montana and that he really believes that Paul Stramer is the big bad ring leader and Sheriff Anderson just got a bad rap because of a gun vote.

Because if Michael Jamison had ANY hint of the Truth and is saying and printing what he is, then Evil does not begin to describe what he is doing and the Blood of innocent victims will get no voice because of Michael Jamison and people like him, associated with him, feeding him information, paying him .. getting in the way of the TRUTH being told and therefore the public believing the wrong TRUTH.
Meanwhile more victims .. more and more disgusting crimes as Michael Jamison thinks it is just “Coincidence” and “Political” and wants this all to be about Paul and some Radio sale gone bad 14 years ago.. We don’t Care about 14 years ago.. we are being terrorized by our own law today and Michael Jamison makes it about ONE man and the Truth just evaporates when the Stakes are so very high…

I have heard their cries, I have spoke to victims of all sorts of different crimes.. rapes.. beatings.. robberies.. meth .. fraud.. corruption and over years and one or two phone calls behind enemy lines and Michael Jamison thinks he can call the Recall Political and make it about Sheriff Mack and Paul Stramer, how sad.. how disappointing that the Victims still will have no Voice.
I had no idea that because Paul was One man out of hundreds to support the Recall that it would suddenly and pretty much at that moment be all about Paul Stramer and nothing about 40 to hundreds of rapes and sexual disgust over decades.. not about real crime, not about meth dealers or cops that corner young woman to trade sexual favors in exchange for a ticket, not about kids in Meth houses with no way out.. and other crimes that you would not DARE believe is really, truly happening here.

With the Recall it will be what it will be and those of you who now think me a Kook.. well so be it.. I know the TRUTH one hundred percent and the perception of Reality your Being SOLD is so shocking .. so disturbing I could never have imagined it ever Truly being True.
But ya know what .. If your Reading this you have NOW been exposed to the Real Story in all this and in that you have choice, and if you choose the wrong side because there is more of them, because they are Law Enforcement, Politicians, High Profile Newspapers .. well then That is Your Free Will to Choose.. but one day when you too Find that Moment in time when the TRUTH is blatantly obvious and shockingly unsettling, you will remember this point in Time when you had the change at Real Change and you chose to Fear Signing the Recall, you Chose to believe complete Assholes such as Michael Jamison and you let more Victims suffer because you Silenced their voice..

Michael Jamison says the Recall is about "Looking to Run a Candidate", again Jamison is Clueless, that was not the original point of this and so what if some of the signers have a guy they would like as sheriff, if so I have not heard of this guy.. only that Mitch Walters wanted to run and I gave my opinion on that, I could not resist, I Said.. NO WAY.. he cannot even clean up TROY, the five minute score .. other then that I have not even heard of a candidate that Paul or anyone associated with Paul Stramer would want as a Sheriff..
And why is Michael Jamison even asking Paul this when he is not running the recall.. he is not the originator, it is not his agenda .. it is and always has been about giving Victims a Voice and demanding accountability for endless crimes unprosecuted.. Do your homework. .. don’t be like Michael Jamison and believe one simple explanation given by those whose income and agenda is seriously affected by the Recall.

Anderson knows something about everyone one of them.. Commissioners, Judges, Cops.. they have NO choice but to Circle the wagons and protect HIM, if they don’t all sorts of Sexual Scandals, Drug Dealers, Embezzlement, Money Crimes, Cop Beatings, Wife Beatings, affairs with Judges and attorneys and All Holy Hell will break lose if ONE of them does not LIE to protect Anderson.. who cares about the Rape Victims.. the other countless victims in all this. .. they are all out to Save their Own Ass.. to Hide their own indiscretions and to coverup each others Dirty Laundry and you pay them to do it, as well as pay the price as victims, as those who love victims..

Michael Jamison … So Sad.. Really .. He is Attempting to STRIP Victims of Real Crimes the Only Shot they had at any kind of Voice, of Justice.

Just a Campaign Tool says Michael Jamison and NOTHING to do with whether he investigated this or that correctly.. Folks.. let me first say.. I am so glad .. so very blessed to at 38 years of age to witness what I am witnessing.. I will NEVER again be in the Dark and for that I am thankful.. though I do long for the days of Ignorance.. the Bliss .. the not knowing of the violent horror that I know now..
I know the crimes and there are just to many over to long to be a Campaign Tool.. If Michael Jamison spoke to some of the victims over the last decade, some of the fathers who have teared up on the phone with me talking about what happened to their daughter and one of them even by a cop, there is a paper trail, but Michael Jamison is NOT interested in that.. he would rather place the BLAME and the Blood of Victims on Paul Stramer.
Who was and is NOTHING to do with the Recall other then a Signer and now one of our points on the Recall with his Unjustilly and Possibly Illegal Denial of a Concealed Carry Permit.
Michael Jamison is Flat Out Wrong in his words of , This all being a Ploy to get in a Sheriff that Paul Stramer likes and somehow Sheriff Mack got into this blame..
Meanwhile the Tobacco Valley News has Paul as the Undersheriff and Officer Brenda Cavoretto as the Sheriff.. All Bull Folks..
NONE of it makes sense to me when I visited with Diane Kaechele, at my office last summer downtown.. about the crimes, the meth, the rapes, the dog murder and what she was up do in getting justice for the dog murder and it all starting in that seed moment and was NOTHING to do with “Campaign Tools” and “Political Agendas", and a Whole lot to Do with the Real Victims of Real Crimes.
Again to Listen to this Recording Click Below and Think for YourSelf..
Your On your Own Folks.. There is No Real News.
There is No Real Justice.
There is Only Politics and You Pay the Price.

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