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Melinda Gopher for Montana - Melinda Gopher for Congress - Melinda Gopher for U.S. Hous of Represtative Montana

Who is Melinda Gopher?

Melinda Gopher is the seventh of eight children born to Robert and Dorothy Gopher, of Great Falls, Montana. She grew up in a two room house on Hill 57. Melinda Gopher is a paralegal, and hopes to at some point in the future, continue toward law school and earn a JD in law.

Melinda Gopher is a candidate for Montana’s sole congressional district in the U.S. House. She is seeking this position as someone who hopes to make progressive laws that better people’s lives. Melinda Gopher believes there is too much grid lock in Washington DC, and that people are often overlooked as a result.
Melinda is taking this time to seek this seat in the U.S. House based upon her personal life experiences. Melinda Gopher believes she is uniquely qualified to navigate the bureaucracy in Washington DC; having continually having dealt with the nation’s oldest bureaucracy; the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Melinda loves and is proud of Big Sky Country, she is proud of her country and proud of this nation’s flag. Her ancestors received one of the earliest treaty flags given to Indian nations at this nation’s founding. She believes oral history and written history verifies her Ojibwe ancestors did in fact; contribute to the early nation building. History seems to bear out the Ojibwe as an influential Great Lakes ally to the U.S. As a tribal person, she is well aware of the need, and has the skills to succeed in representing Montanans of every walk of life.

Melinda Gopher's family and tribal origins are rooted in public service dating back to the founding of this nation. Her late father assisted in gaining state constitutional protection of the “cultural integrity of tribal people “ in the state’s educational mandates.
Melinda Gopher's father founded Opportunities, Inc. in Great Falls during the War on Poverty era. He founded Loud Thunder, Inc. in 1986 and would spearhead an environmental movement that would lead to the successful banning of new cyanide mines in Montana. Robert Gopher galvanized the effort to preserve Montana’s waters.

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