Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tungsten Holdings

One Story on the Integrity of Tungsten Holdings.

Second lawsuit imposed by Tungsten Holdings. They are wiping us out--I don't know what we'll do this time.

In 1991 Tungsten Holdings became the owner of property adjacent to mine and part of HES 744 established in 1929. The entire homestead is surrounded by Forest Service land. The northern portion purchased by Tungsten has never had a residence on it and since 1974 had been inaccessible through our place, as the dirt "road" had been washed out by a devastating flood. The northern portion had been in the Grambauer family until purchased (or acquried through lack of payment of taxes) since 1929.

Bert Grambauer, who took some interest in visiting the property once in awhile died in 1972. His wife died in 1973. The three nephews to whom the property was willed took little interest in the property and one never even visited the property. Obviously, Tungsten Holdings discovered this and struck in their usual manner. They quickly acquired the property (which had no legal access) planning to force neighbors into an easement through their property and then sell the property for an exorbitant sum.

In short order, they began hounding me for an easement through my property. I tried to deal with them for a couple of years, but then they sued. They also sued for a portion of property along my northern property line (their southern property line)--the line which Grambauer and I had agreed upon.

To make a long story short, we won at District Court level in 1998. Tungsten appealed to the Supreme Court and won everything back in a judgment in 1999. Because they didn't like to even associate with us then, they nearly forced us to sign an agreement (which amounted to a gag order on my husband and a "be reasonable" order on me) in 2000. (They didn't like the way we were trying to defend our own property rights.)

Our attorney advised us to sign it and be rid of them. Well, finally they found they HAD to talk with us on certain matters and started talking to my husband, as well. NOW they are suing us again for breach of the agreement!!

This time they are asking for punitive damages as well as requesting us to remove signs ON OUR OWN PROPERTY. IN SHORT, THEY HAVE BEEN HARASSING US FOR I8 YEARS !! I don't know where to turn.

We do not have the money to hire an expensive attorney, and it is a complete lose-lose situation for us. They could essentially wipe us out with punitive damages claimed and payment of their attorney fees. They are VERY POWERFUL and MALICIOUS!!

I have lived on this property for 42 years, and they are trying to devastate us now in our retirement years. This is clearly a case of 18 years of harassment and now elder abuse, but because of their money and power, Tungsten Holdings will win again. I feel great sorrow in losing faith in our judicial system, and it is not right that a powerful corporation should be allowed to bankrupt individuals clinging to rights granted by our Constitution, but money and greed rule our judicial system.

Landowner, Libby, MT

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