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The Asbestos Lawsuits Were Proven Right From the Start, the Plan then Become How to KEEP Victims Down and Profit from it.

"" The asbestos suits, however, were a different kind of legal action.

For one thing, there were more of them;

for another, they dealt not only with damage done, but with potential injury as well. The trouble had been brewing for a while.

As far back as 1985, Matthew Schifrin reported in Forbes that gypsum suppliers, including W.R. Grace as well juggernaut USG, could expect a flood of litigation in the wake of a high-profile personal injury suit related to asbestos, and in fact the first asbestos-related suit had been filed against Grace in 1982.

In 1994, Grace settled charges of violating asbestos standards at its Libby, Montana tremolite mine, for over half a million dollars; in 2000, the EPA ordered Grace to spend an additional $5 million to clean up the site.

Then, in 1999, Grace was party to a $200 million settlement to residents of Cook County, Illinois, who were exposed to asbestos in the 1960s and 1970s.

On October 5, 2000, Owens Corning, the United States' largest building materials manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy.

While this did not affect Grace's fortunes directly, it did cause a general fall in stock prices among companies with asbestos liability--including Grace.

More serious, however, was how removal of players from the field affected those remaining;

as Merrill Lynch analyst Karen Gilsenan put it in Chemical Market Reporter, "Grace and the other remaining players could face increased liability ... co-defendants in many of these cases could end up shouldering a larger part of the financial burden."

As of June 30 that year, Grace was named in over 53,000 asbestos lawsuits and had paid out a total of $1.15 billion in judgments and settlements.

By April of the following year, that amount had risen to $1.9 billion, and the number of personal injury claims against the company topped 325,000. ""

Source of Above Post;-Company-Company-History.html

Grace Admits Guilt and Montana Corrupt Judges Say NOT GUILTY..

Any Settlement SHOULD not have Went to the State of MONTANA.. the victims never got relief.. only the Political Corruption Got those Millions and Still Get those Millions WHILE Victims Still SUFFER....

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