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WR Grace Whistleblower - WR Grace Made Money Getting you Sick and Make TONS more with YOU being sick, oh and Death.. Cha Ching..

Libby Montana News

Sorry Libby Residents.. NO One Ever Really Cared about you Getting Well or YOUR Quality of LIfe.. you are their "Commodity" - YOU being Sick is THEIR Industry...

You are the Collateral Damage that Keeps on Making Money for the Shareholders of WR Grace, the Big Wigs and So many others that profit daily on the Evils of WR Grace Including the Corrupt Law Enforcement And Judges in MONTANA that protect WR Grace...

WR Grace Key Dates:

1854: William Russell Grace becomes a partner in Bryce, Grace & Co., in Peru.

1865: The company, now called W.R. Grace & Co., moves to New York.

1899: W.R. Grace & Co. incorporates.

1904: Death of William Grace. His brother, Michael, succeeds as chairman.

1914: Grace National Bank established. Grace sends first commercial ship through Panama Canal.

1945: J. Peter Grace, grandson of William, becomes president of W.R. Grace & Co.

1953: W.R. Grace & Co. lists on New York Stock Exchange.

1954: Grace acquires Davison Chemical Company and Dewey & Almy Chemical Company. Cryovac spins off from Dewey & Almy as a separate subsidiary.

1958: Grace constructs Washington Research Center, a chemicals research facility in Maryland.

1960: WR Grace introduces Cryovac Type L Shrinkwrap for meat and poultry.

1963: WR Grace introduces pellet silica gel for use as a packaging desicant.

1964: Grace Davison introduces XZ-15, a catalyst that increases gasoline efficiency.

1965: WR Grace introduces Bituthene waterproofing membrane, replacing paint-on waterproofing.

1968: Grace introduces Cryovac Market-Ready packaging for beef and Monokote spray-on fireproofing.

1972: Grace Davison introduces CO Combustion Promoter Additive.

1978: WR Grace introduces Ice & Water Shield for roofing.

1979: Grace introduces Darex Corrosion Inhibitor for concrete.

1984: Grace introduces Cryovac cook-in bags for institutional cooking.

1985: Grace acquires Chomerics, Inc., a packaging and coating manufacturer.

1986: Grace settles with eight Woburn, Massachusetts families in a water pollution case.

1987: Grace becomes first wholly foreign-owned company to do business in the People's
Republic of China.

1991: Grace announces major restructuring plan, to culminate in a company with two lines of business, instead of dozens.

1992: First asbestos-related lawsuit is filed against W.R. Grace.

1993: J. Peter Grace retires as CEO of W.R. Grace & Co. and is succeeded by J.P. Bolduc. Grace introduces beer bottle seals that help retain freshness without preservatives.

1994: Grace settles out of court regarding the violation of Clean Air Act asbestos standards near Libby, Montana.

1995: J. Peter Grace dies at age 82; Balduc resigns. Albert J. Costello is named president, chairman, and CEO. Grace is challenged on its patent of its extraction of natural pesticide from Indian neem trees.

1996: WR Grace divests extensively, streamlining the company to six core businesses. Merchant Adventurer, a long-suppressed biography of William Grace, is published by S.R.

1998: Cryovac merges with Sealed Air Corporation. Grace streamlines further, to two essential businesses: specialty chemicals and container products.

1999: Paul Norris becomes chairman. Grace relocates headquarters from Boca Raton, Florida, to Columbia, Maryland.

2000: WR Grace makes acquisitions in keeping with its new focus, including Crosfield Groups, International Protective Coatings, Hampshire Polymers, and more.

2001: WR Grace files for Chapter 11 on April 2. The company acquires $250 million in financing to continue day-to0day operations, and names senior executive David Siegel to the newly-created position of chief restructuring officer.

Source and more on WR Grace History, For "Looking Into" - Way into Every Dirty Deal of EVERYONE who ever aided or abetted WR Grace in any Way....;-Company-Company-History.html

Get Ready WR Grace and Montana Corruption that Hides WR Grace from the Light ... Time for a "Come to Jesus" for all Evil in .. Within and Surounding WR Grace...

Got a Tip? Know Someone who Knows Anything..

I know we all gave up on Justice and it may Never Happen.. However..
EXPOSING them ALL is a Place to Start.. as they have RUINED your Quality of Life and killed your Family.. and they knew it.. and now not even the mercy to reach back and Help..

Every Industry, Every Product, Every Accounting FRAUD, Every Insurance Fraud .. .every executive.. every family memeber who has WR Grace Money.. Time to Expose YOU...

every Doctor, Insurance Adjuster .. State Senators ad Governors.. who helped WR Grace Hide Evil Deeds... Time To TELL on YOU?

The TRUTH is Free and Well your Economic Terrorism on top of the Massive Wall of Corruption in Libby Montana WELL the Victims have no Money to Fight you and the Law is only as Good as a Judge, County Attorney, Investigator or Law Enforcment that will actually make those laws stick and prosecute.. for the bad stuff instead of setting up the innocent...

Why Would Montana Commissioners PROTECT WR Grace?

I think you know that answer but let's discuss details, pay offs, the "Look the Other Ways.." -

What Does Sterling Silver Have to Do With WR Grace?

What Kind of MONEY did.. is MONTANA corrupt officials, politicians getting for the Massive money from the Mines and WR Grace Disgrace in Libby Montana.. .Lincoln County Montana?

Well Stay Tuned.. and Got a Tip?

All Accounting, All Agencies over 30 years DEMAND IT..

and If you are Running for a Montana Political Office I believe druing that time you have more rights to accounting information.. as your Election Board Folks, Look up the Laws.. Let's EXPOSE them Thar' Ledgers... IT IS YOUR Money.. Your LIFE and the Torturous Death of "Our People" - "our Family" - it is BLOOD Money . .Indeed..

Also email me Connections with Montana Mines - Troy.. and with WR Grace and those Connections to Proskauer Rose Law Firm or Foley and Lardner Law Firm.

eMail me a Link to You Tube Videos you upLoad tellng your STORY.. you don't need the Rumored CBS coming to Libby to do Yet another .. Candy Ass .. Half Truth Story on what REAL Life is REALLY like in Lincoln County Montana.. Do your OWN Video.. Send it to Me YOU WILL GET HEARD - I Guarantee IT !!!

As for the Countless WR Grace Victims...

the TRUTH will SET you FREE....

More Soon On

Mooney's of Boston, Baker & Taylor, Herman's World of Sporting, Mining Companies, Insider Trading at WR Grace, SEC Complaints Ignored, Anti-Trust Violations, Medicaid Fraud, Medicare Fraud - WR Grace, Atlas of Washington, Klein's of Chicago, Daimler-Benz to Deutsche Bank, Grace National Bank, WR Grace Banking Violations and Fraud, GAF Corporation Chairman J. Heyman, WR Grace Energy and Fertilizer Investments, WR Grace Compliance Officers, WR Grace consumer goods businesses, WR Grace Restaurant Enterprises Group, Who at the FTC - SEC - DOJ - FBI protect WR Grace and Stil Does, Lots to Be Posted on the Evils of Balduc, ....

"Under Balduc's leadership, health care emerged as the most prominent part of Grace's business, in the form of the National Medical Care division, and the company's goal of $10 Billion by 2000 seemed possible. "

Also Coming Soon More on Albert J. Costello "" Costello was more aggressive about streamlining the company than his predecessor. This included spinning off Grace's medical care division, National Medical Care, in a sale to German-based medical company Fresenius AG, despite a federal investigation into the division's handling of Medicare charges and an FDA citation regarding importation of dialysis equipment from its Dublin plant. "

And WR Grace specialty chemicals and health care - see THESE fit nicely together.. WORK for Us.. we wil Poison you Knowingly.. Oh But then we happen to Offer Health Care so when you get SICK making WR Grace BILLONS.. we Make BILLIONS more of the DRUGS you Take, the Doctors, the Medical Supplies and the HEALTH Care that YOU need because of us .. OH and WR Grace Owns Insurance Companies.. So when you DIE.. Yippee Kai Yah... Cha - Ching WR Grace Makes Even More money..

Oh and Mean While WR Grace KNEW you would get sick and die in mass so they invested in companies that would profit from that as well... and WR Grace Made Billions off of Life Insurance Policie as Investment Portfolios... So Win - Win and a Few BILLION to have Montana Corruption keep YOU Down.. ahhhh WELL that is Collateral Damage Well Worth it...

So Can Libby Victims ALSO Sue ALL Shareholders.. WHY Not?

I Smell Indictments, War Crimes, and Decades of Massive Corruption Orchestrated by WR Grace Cronies... Circle the Wagons Boys and Girls... and Grab YOUR Knees.. the People are about to SPEAK in Mass on the Disturbing... Murderous... Thieving Crimes of WR Grace.

And Montana .. Well Your Government.. your Officials Paid to protect YOU that actually torture you, kill you, set you up, beat you and let your children be beaten raped and sometimes even by cops.. well this SUPER power of Montana Corruption is PAID for in a BIG Way by the EVILS of WR Grace.....

Oh and More Coming Soon On WR Grace Patent Fraud.. now this just may be the STAR connection to Corrupt Foley and Lardner Patent Attorneys - and Corrupt Proskauer Rose Patent Attorneys... USPTO Fraud.... whereby WR Grace pays of Patent Investigators, Steals Technology and Becomes some sort of a "Cartel" - Got a Tip?

More Soon also on ....

Dearborn water treatment business, Betz Laboratories, Corruption and Fraud in the WR Grace Bankrupty and hiding Money and Assets in other countries to KEEP it from Victims in Libby Montana..... , Monsanto, TEC systems division to Sequa Corporation, National Starch and Chemical Co.;

WR Grace Cocoa Business, Archer Daniels Midland, Grace Construction Products, Darex Container Products, WR Grace Cryovac Packaging Business, Sealed Air Corporation,

WR Grace Stock Fraud - and the SEC Officers Who Looked the Other Way..

More Soon on "A high-profile pollution case in 1986" - drinking-water contamination...
Folks YOU Can File a FEDERAL RICO Lawsuit against WR Grace and ALL the Agencies who Conpire to Protect them Including the State of Montana, Montana District Court Judges, Montana Supreme Court and many other Federal Agencies that KNOW what WR Grace does and theyare PAID off to look the Other way.. there is proof of what WR Grace did in Libby . .they did elsewhere but CORRUPT Montana Judges Let them off to .... Well line thier own pockets - protect their own secrets.. and well BETTER their Quality of Life OVER Yours..

,,,"In 1998, the company agreed in a settlement to pay $32 million for remediation of a radioactive waste site, and the SEC sued Grace that same year over reserves pertaining to former subsidiary National Medical Care (the suit was settled out of court). ""

In a Federal RICO Lawsuit you have to Prove a Patten and History .. with the Massive Crimes of WR Grace that SHOULD be EASY for any Honest Attorney working in a Court that is Not Corrupt.. bought and Paid for by the Trillionaire WR Grace Cronies...

" 1999 brought an emergency order from the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up ammonia near Lansing, Michigan, which threatened the local water supply. The ammonia was a byproduct of Grace fertilizer production from the 1960s. In 2000, Grace agreed to pay the major portion of a $15.5 million settlement against book distributor and former subsidiary Baker & Taylor. "

How Hard Do you THINK it is for a NON-Corrupt Montana Judge to PROVE the Guilt of WR Grace...?? Well it is Simple.... Oh and Folks Remember Several "in the Know" have told me over the Last THREE years that is is a KNOWN FACT that a MONTANA Supreme Court Decision COSTS $50,000 - So there you Go.. Easy Breezy...

I Imagine that a Montana District Court Judge Cost Far Less for an "Unbiased" Judgement.

WR Grace Has Been Buying Off the TRUTH for over a Century NOW..

Enough is Enough..

Water Quality, Air Quality, your Life means NOTHING.... and Paying Off Montana Corruption WELL that is a Small Price in a Busines Worth Trillions on top of Trillions...

Posted here by
VERY Good.. Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

WR Grace Guilty PERIOD -
No Matter What Montana Corrupt Courts Say..

ALL Montana Counties involved, all commissioners, all Political Powers and agencies that ever knew and helped hide for WR Grace... they Owe YOU Billions.. and even if Libby Gets Millions .. the Corrupt County Government SPENDS it Empower Criminals and Keeping the Good People of Lincoln County Down.. so this MONEY .. this Millions - Billions NEEDS to go to a GROUP in Libby.. NOT associated with ANY Government Entity, where by the REAL Victims .. the REAL We the People of Lincoln County Get the Money..

Enough Lies .. Lake Koocanusa Lies, WR Grace Lies, Corrupt Money Pay Offs, Plea Bargains, Legal Rape, Commissioners and Local Newspapers Lie Constantly, Taxes Go Up, Commissioners get a raise and Corruption Continues.. - You Pay for It All and then they cash in on your death.

When Have YOU really had enough..
Laws are not Just for Victims..
Why Can't Those in Power over You
Obey the Laws You Obey?

Of the Basic.. Golden Rule ..
Do Onto Others as you Would have Done Onto You...

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