Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ron Kosena - State of Montana Technology Services Division Endangers Life of Montana Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Ron Kosena, GCIH
Dept. of Administration
Information Technology Services Division
Enterprise Operations Center

Ron Kosena State of Montana took was "Assigned" to investigative my Death Threat and the Connection an Email from the State Of Montana IP Address Mitchell Building Helena, and My Famed "Jimmy Boston" emails which were directly connected to my Death Threat Emails.

A Good Tech Savvy Investigator would easily prove where the "Jimmy Boston" email came from, the User information was all there. So why did Ron Kosena - Paid by your State of Montana Tax Dollars Flat OUT Fail to Investigative this VERY Serious Montana Hate Crime?

I Told Ron Kosena that I was in fear for my Life, I told Ron Kosena that the Jimmy Boston email was connected to my Stalker, Connected to my Death threat and that I believed it came from a Local Law Enforcement Officer. Ron Kosena told me he took this very serious, in that first call, which for my records I have a Recording Of.

Ron Kosena did not take this Death Threat serious and in fact disappeared, when Ron Kosena - State of Montana could have easily figured all this out. It is VERY Simple to Prove.

SO what happed to Ron Kosena? What was Really Going on with the Jimmy Boston email and the Mitchell Building, What Lincoln County Detective was Ron Kosena protecting?

Was State of Montana Employee Ron Kosena told that I was being watched, or that I was the Criminal when in fact I was being Stalked, threatened, defamed and harassed?

Did I NOT deserve ANY explanation at all, my Life has been in danger for over a year. I ran from my home, my business, my state out of fear.. this Local Cop was NEVER identified and he was directly working with my Death Threat Stalker . .

I proved it THEY did NOTHING. .why?

Ron Kosena is Corrupt in My Book. Ron Kosena is heartles and cruel, and does not have a clue how to do his job. Ron Kosena has endangered my life, participated in a Montana Hate Crime, Defamed me and is Liable for all have suffered and lost over the last year.

Still over a Year not another Word from Ron Kosena.

More on those Emails Between Ron Kosena and Crystal L. Cox Blogger...

See at that time, I tracked this Jimmy Boston Person online and they were coming from the IP at the Mitchell buildiing 6 in Helena. This Person was on my blogs at the same time as my University of Montana Stalker, they both typed in threatening keywords.. they used similar words.. they emailed each other my posts.. and WELL the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the Eureka JP Office are on the Server IP Mitchell Building 6 - State of Montana.. no worries... see after Ron Kosena Disappeared, Conviently so did that Stat... it is Now just State of Montana or some other server.. or they had a Talk with the guy. Either way Ron Kosena has covered up a Crime and is Liable.

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