Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missoula Police Detective Jamie Merifield Did NOT Do Enough this Day to Protect Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Jamie Merifield, a Detective with the Missoula Police Called me to "Help" with my "Situation" - I did not record that call, perhaps Jamie Merifield did. She initiates contact with me and then does nothing to INVESTIGATE this Serious Life Threatening - Life Ruining Hate Crime that continues to this Day over a year later..

Detective Jamie Merifield's Special Investigative Techniques were to Ask the Criminal if he did it and well gee he says NO so there you have it..

Link to more on Jamie Merifield Missoula Police Denying me Due Process, Endangering My life and in my opinion participating in a Montana Hate Crime, Defaming Me and Ruining my Life as I knew it all because SHE failed to PROPERLY .. well to investigate at all...

Got a Tip on Jamie Merifield?

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