Monday, October 4, 2010

Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin L. Clute Claims I Sent Death Threat eMail to Myself.

Judge Robin Clute of the Hamilton - Ravalli County Montana WILL not Protect You and Has NO Intention of Obeying Montana Law, Taking her Oath Serious and Defending Your Civil or Human Rights..

Say if I Say.. Um.. had the Email would that MEAN that Judge Robin Clute - the Justice of the Peace in Hamilton Montana owned that eMail account and anyone that I email from that account would... that mean it was from Judge Robin Clute?

Well According to Judge Robin Clute I Sent Myself a Horrible, Vile, Disturbing Death Threat and names many others.. and all kinds of sick stuff. You see My Death Threat Came from "Crystal Cox" and the Email account was - and Well Justice of the Peace Robin L. Clute in Hamilton Montana Says I Own that Email.

Judge Robin L. Clute Hamilton JP seems to think no one can set up fictitious eMails though at my blog - You see that Sean Boushie - did this over and over again and Emailed me just to show he could and to taunt me.. and Sean Boushie is PROTECTED under a NON-Mutual Montana Protective Order given by Corrupt Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin L. Clute.

Though it would have been easy for her to subpoena Yahoo and see where the Activity on the IP came from but that would prove that Judge Robin Clute Was and IS Corrupt and that would Prove that Ravallli County George Corn Attorney was Corrupt along with the Good Ol' Boys Judge Robin L. Clute was protecting in Lincoln County.

And all the WHILE that Bitch, that Ruined my Life - Endangered my Life.. well she had a Report.. a Complaint - Without a Doubt Proof that Sean Boushie Sent That Death Threat and Had Access to that Yahoo Account as he, himself filed a Complaint with Officer Maury Mckinny in Eureka Montana - about someone Else emailing him at that EXACT eMail and Officer Maury McKinney as Well as Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy HID this information, Endangered my Life and AFTER having it .. still gave Sean Boushie a Protective order AGAINST ME - his VICTIM... Shocking ? to Say the Least.. and My Next Year and No STOPPING in site has been constant Hate Filled attacks and NO Law Enforcement or Judge on my blog would HELP not ONE..

Keep in Mind Judge Robin Clute had a stack of Web Stats, Blogs and information that she could have looked into and Proved who Sent What to Whom in this Complicated Internet Thing, but instead she simply Violated My Civil Rights, Defamed Me, Endangered My Life, Harassed me and Set Me Up all to Protect Lincoln County Corrupt Sheriff Daryl Anderson - Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy and the Corrupt Ravalli County Attorney George Corn.

My life means Nothing to the Dis-HONARABLE Life Stealing , Civil Rights Violating, Criminal Activity Participating, Defaming - Business Ruining, Denial of Due Process Judge Robin L. Clute of Hamilton Montana.

Judge Robin L. Clute Hamilton Montana has No Respect for Montana Laws.

District Judge Haynes in Hamilton Denied protection Based on Montana Laws and State Those Laws, and Yet Corrupt Judge Clute - Violated My Rights, Discriminated Against Me, Endangered me and ALL based on Judge Robin Clute 's Agenda and NONE based in Montana State Law and for over a Year I have Been Attacked while Justice of the Peace, Robin Clute - Hamilton Montana.

Links on the Laws that the District Court Judge Stated
as Reasons to Deny a Protective Order

Judge Robin Clute WOULD face a Massive Life Endangerment Lawsuit, a Defamation and Harassment Lawsuit..IF only there was an Attorney with the Balls and Backbone to stand up to Montana Corruption and that Does not Fear the Hamilton Lack of Justice Department???

Crystal L. Cox
the WHOLE Truth and Nothing but..

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