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Terry Leonard Lake County Montana Exposes Sheriff Corruption and is Retaliated Against.

Folks the Sheriff is the Law of The Land.

The Sheriff Must have the most wits, integrity, strength and fortitude as anyone in the County. What your Montana Sheriff Says goes. And it does not have to be based in Montana Law, the Montana Sheriff is kind of above the law if they choose to be.

Your Sheriff is Accountable to you but first you have to KNOW what is really going on and the local newspaper and the Corrupt Montana Lee Newspaper Chain will not be telling you the WHOLE Truth and nothing but, if they do they will be targeted - run out of business - and well they have to choose their life, money, kids, and quality of life over yours. Just the Way it is.

Here is News out of Lake County Montana on Corruption in the
Montana Judicial System, Montana Law Enforcement.

" Deputies raid critic of sheriff’s office

Posted: Saturday, October 2, 2010 2:00 am

SASHA GOLDSTEIN/ Northwest Montana News Network 4 comments

Outspoken Lake County Sheriff’s Office critic Terry Leonard was served a search warrant Thursday afternoon by the very department he claims is corrupt.

“It’s a bullying tactic,” Leonard said Friday afternoon.

The 2 p.m. search of his Polson residence resulted in the seizure of computers, electronic storage devices and printed e-mails, Lake County Attorney Mitch Young said.
“It is an ongoing investigation,” he said. “I can’t go into any specifics at this time.”

Young would not reveal potential charges, which have yet to be filed, but Leonard confirmed he might be charged with criminal defamation, a misdemeanor.

“If they want to go to court, I’m more than happy to go to court,” Leonard said. “I have lawyers telling me I have a case against the county.”

Detective Rick Lenz of the sheriff’s office could not comment on any specifics, other than to confirm the search.

Leonard has run advertisements in the Lake County Leader and runs the website .

The “ask your sheriff” website claims to want to “restore integrity to the Office of Lake County Sheriff,” and encourages citizens to ask Sheriff Lucky Larson and Undersheriff Jay Doyle about “misappropriated mil-levy money,” “SRT T-shirts condoning violence/death/gore,” and “missing/stolen ammunition,” among other things.

“The website and ads were run for the sole intent of educating the public on a lot of corruption going on in the sheriff’s office of Lake County,” Terry Leonard said.

Terry Leonard, who was a reserve deputy for six years before becoming a full-time deputy in October 2009, was fired from the department in February 2010, he said.

Terry Leonard claims that corruption is rampant in the office, yet law enforcement officers are scared to speak out due to fear of repercussions.

“Nobody could say anything because they are afraid of losing their jobs,” he said. “I’m going to come under fire no matter what because I’m a whistleblower.

But I’ve said from the beginning, I’ll take the heat.”

Terry Leonard is also is the subject of an investigation by the State Commission of Political Practices.

A complaint filed by Lanny VanMeter, treasurer of the Jay Doyle for Sheriff campaign, alleges that Terry Leonard violated campaign laws and is operating an illegal political action committee with independent sheriff candidate Steven Kendley.

Both Leonard and Kendley have denied any affiliation and Leonard claims his site is not intended to influence the Nov. 2 general election.

“I don’t care who becomes sheriff, as long as they are honorable,” he said. “This isn’t going to stop after the election. It’s going to be a watchdog for this county to maintain accountability in the sheriff’s office.”

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Remember PRINT - Back Up the Source, as the NEWS changes when I post it.. Time to Shine a LIGHT on ALL Montana Corruption, Email Your Story to me.. Give me a 2 Week Turn around time, if you don't hear from me Send Again -

The Corrupt County Attorney's in Montana love to SAY "it's an on going investigation" - that is how my Death Threat is, therefore my Defamation Lawsuit Dies.. I get run out of business and my life put in Danger by Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy. That Story at Looking for an Attorney to SUE several Montana Counties for Defamation and Life Endangerment ) - also in Lincoln County Judge Prezeau puts Real Estate Cases on hold for year after year Under Investigation to protect builders, contractors and puts the lives of real estate victims on hold

YOU had Better Support the Reporter on this Article and Print it.. they will Come for her Next, it happens OVER and OVER.. and Terry Leonard is telling the Truth, I have heard this same story over and over and People cannot talk about it of THEY run them out of business, threaten their life.. it is REALLY HAPPENING .. Wake UP..

My Montana Moxy - Whistleblower Network Stands Behind Terry Leonard - Whistleblower, so eMail me Videos, Voice Recording, Documents, your Story out of Polson Montana - Expose the Corruption NOW !!

Do not let your Local Whistleblower Terry Leonard - take this Hit in Standing up for What is Right, what is Legal and What is on the RIGHT Side of the moral compass.

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