Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Bullying, Lies, False Court Filings and Flat out Gibberish. Let's Say you are on TRIAL and could face jail time for violating a Protective Order, yet we see below the State of Montana Admitting that the protective order did NOT exist in the First Place. Yet they jailed the guy in Texas and in Idaho for VIOLATING the Non-Existing Protective Order ?

MORE Lawlessness from Montana Authorities

This Motion in Limine is a massive Joke, right? 

It can't be true. I mean come on, the State of Montana, Jennifer Clark Deputy County Attorney and Detective Chris Shermer JAILED film producer, anti-corruption blogger Bill Windsor of Lawless America based on HEARSAY. Based on false statements of one man, that have been proven to have been deliberately false and based on his state word, with no technological proof whatsoever, now they want no hearsay into Evidence?? Are you Kidding.

They want no "Irrelevant Evidence", WHAT? Sean Boushie threatened to kill me, Crystal Cox, Montana Law Enforcement has known for years. Sean Boushie threatened to kill Bill Windsor, and claimed to have shot at him, along with stalking him, harassing him, bullying him and putting all of us in constant danger, all while paid by the University of Montana and "they" claim to want no "Irrelevant Evidence", WHAT?

All of their EVIDENCE, their entire made up case to retaliate against a whistleblower expose their corrupt racket is based on "Irrelevant Evidence".  If no "Irrelevant Evidence" is allowed then how in the world will Detective Chris Shermer and JOKE Jennifer Clark make a phony case and frame an innocent man?

By the terms of the Motion in Limine Below, it would seem that The Missoula County Attorney has NO "relevant evidence". As they have nothing factual about this alleged tweet, they only have yammering hearsay.  They have nothing that would have a "tendency to make the existence of any fact". Yet they keep on pursuing a false case against Bill Windsor.

Their ENTIRE case will mislead a JURY, as it has mislead the public, and the alleged authorities who are suppose to be upholding the law.

THEY say that what Boushie was doing was not relevant?? Hmm Bill Windsor is fighting for his life and allegedly tweets about his case and Montana calls that a violation of a Protective Order that may or may not have existed? Makes No Sense.

Behavior of Boushie is NOT RELEVANT? Are you out of your mind Jennifer Clark. He LIED to get the protective order, he provided false information in which you did not prove, and in which the protective order was allegedly given, and this is not relevant ??? Corrupt as it Gets.

So page 3, LINE 16 flat out admits that there was NO PROTECTIVE ORDER and coddles Mr. Boushie as to oh no, what he "thought"?? WOW. So there is no protective order but you JAIL a senior citizen, a reporter, for an alleged TWEET which is protected by the First Amendment?? This is a Joke RIGHT?

What ever he believed or thought or was told is HEARSAY Right Jennifer ?? WOW, have you even read a Law Book at all???

The STATUS of the Protective ORDER is NOT Relevant to you putting a man in prison for allegedly violating it?? Really?? Are you sure about that? So whether it was active or not is IRRELEVANT? WOWEE..

It is not Bill Windsor's problem if Sean Boushie got good or bad advise from his attorney, allegedly, what a bunch of hoo ha.

When a Guy, such as Bill Windsor, is on trial for allegedly violating a protective order, I would say it is EXTREMELY Relevant whether there was a Protective ORDER in place or not at the time of this alleged violation, wouldn't you? Well I guess not in the land of Corruption aKa Montana.

Page 4 yammers about Hearsay, when the entire case is the lies of Sean Boushie and about hearsay. His report to the Missoula Police was hearsay right? Or was it fraud or lies? I get so confused, I do know that Sean Boushie saying I had passed away and had some victims list I allegedly left to Bill Windsor had to be hearsay right? Or was it simply all Fiction?

Oh and the "STATE" never requested an interview with me, as I certainly can attest to all of this pattern and history. This made up case to CHILL SPEECH and coverup corruption.

Page 7 talks about criminal history of the Defendant, and that it is simply not allowed to be referenced to, WOW. And keep in mind folks in the land of corruption Protective Orders are not mutual and Sean Boushie gets them against many, and they are not allowed to fight back, to blog, to report or to even tell law enforcement that he trying to kill them or ruin their life or business.

It CERTAINLY would be relevant to know if the Defendant and or the State of Montana has done this before, hmmm I am betting they have. This is a Criminal RICO in my opinion and NOT against Bill Windsor but against the Law Enforcement, Judges, University of Montana and the Defendant, who is protected by MT judges, cops and county attorneys as well as protected and paid by the University of Montana.

MUCH More Coming Soon and Hopefully a Federal Investigation against Jennifer Clark and Detective Chris Shermer to start then on to Judge James Haynes, the University of Montana and more.

Check Out this Bull, that I refer to Above.

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