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The Case of the False TWEET and the Radical Suppression of ONLINE SPEECH that exposes Montana Corruption.

Not only was there NO Protective Order in Place, but there was NO Tweet. The Tweet (posting on Twitter) was not posted by Bill Windsor, yet technological super cop, as Chris Shermer claims to Fox News and other Missoula news outlets, did not provide technical proof that the Tweet came from Bill Windsor. Yet the State of Montana jailed Bill Windsor for this alleged MADE UP Tweet.

Of which they IN NO WAY, even proved that Bill Windsor posted it. And on top of NO Protective Order in place, and JAILED this man in TEXAS, then again in Idaho, and then went to get him and took him to Montana and JAILED him there and ALL to attempt to discredit him and cover up massive, REAL corruption RAMPANT in the State of Montana.

"Who falsified physical evidence to charge William M. Windsor with a FELONY - Criminal charges filed Saturday, 22 August 2015 14:00

Whodunnit?  Who falsified physical evidence to charge William M. Windsor with a FELONY?

Criminal charges have been filed with the Missoula Police Department and will be filed with the U.S. Attorney and the FBI.

Someone manufactured a Tweet...

Someone has manufactured a Tweet in order to charge William M. Windsor with a felony.
I discovered this just yesterday.  Sometimes I don't see the trees for the forest.  There's so much stuff flying around that I haven't focused on the alleged evidence against me -- a few sheets of paper printed allegedly online.

I needed to go to the Lawless America YouTube Channel to check on a statistic.  I noticed the video that was done when I was served with the Temporary Order of Protection on August 23, 2013.  This video was allegedly Tweeted by me on December 30, 2013.  But it wasn't.  I don't Tweet.  We have automatic Tweeting applications on various websites that send a Tweet when something is posted.  This video was posted on August 23, 2013.  I was recovering from a fractured skull on December 30, 2013, and the YouTube account will show that nothing was posted by me on that date and any time before or after that.

All of a sudden, I noticed the title of the video.

The title of this video is: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana. Corruption at its finest.”  It does not mention Sean Boushie as the manufactured evidence Tweet does.

The State of Montana claims the Tweet is titled: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana and Sean Boushie.  Corruption at its finest.”

This sentence does not make sense.  I don't not write sentences like this that do not make sense.

On YouTube, the description of the video (information that appears beneath the title) shows clearly that I did not publish the words “Sean Boushie,” but used a fake name “Sushie.”  The description says: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana and Sushie-Land.  Corruption at its finest.  Folks, the TV show has a new ending. Talk about something that could not have been scripted better. It's so perfect that if you saw it in a dramatic show, you would shake your head and say, I knew that was coming.

As I quietly filmed in front of the University Center right smack dab in the middle of campus, these two gendarmes strolled up and served ME with a Temporary Order of Protection for Sushie.  That's right, every single law enforcement agency and judge in Missoula and Ravalli County has denied my massive evidence in my requests for protective orders against Sushie, but he lies his ass off and gets one against me.  Now this is great because I got the entire episode on film, AND I get to have a hearing with the criminal and Wynette Boushie.  I now have to stay 1,500 feet away from Sushie and Wynette Boushie and 1,500 feet away from the University of Montana."
Out of safety after the Temporary Order of Protection, I ceased use of the words Sean Boushie and referred to him as Sushie.

Someone intentionally altered this video title and manufactured what looks like a Tweet for the purpose of charging me with a felony that could have me spend two years in the Montana State Prison.  The likely suspects are Sean Boushie, Missoula Police Department Detective Chris Shermer, Ginger Snap of Joeyisalittlekid (a proven user of falsified information and a political sign criminal), or Sean D. Fleming, a Joey who is obsessed with trying to get me arrested for charges like planning to kill every government official in America.


Was it Missoula Police Department Detective Chris Shermer (the person who says he is to testify about the Tweet at William M. Windsor's criminal trial?  He is the one who allegedly printed the Tweet.  But there is no such Tweet, so he couldn't have printed it.

Was it pathological liar Sean Boushie?  He testified at his witness interview that he Googled his name and this Tweet popped up.  I decided to try it.  I Googled Sean Boushie, and I reviewed EVERY result that was displayed.  NONE of them were this manufactured Tweet.  There is, however, one article that appeared on a website called that shows the correct title, not the forged one.  And this one on Nevada State Personnel Watch website.  And FilesNG.  So, I am very confident that Sean Boushie lied about this.  I'm beginning to suspect that Chris Shermer did as well.  This alleged Tweet does not show up on my Twitter account.

Or was it another Joey, such as the very criminal Ginger Snap?  Ginger Snap and/or Allie Overstreet forged two emails from me and published them on the Joeyisalittlekid website as if they were emails that I wrote.  They were used to incite hate.

Or was it obsessed Sean D. Fleming?  This wacko has reported me to everyone from the FBI to the ASPCA.  He seems obsessed with getting me arrested and imprisoned forever.

Whodunnit?  Inquiring minds want to know.

I believe either Sean Boushie, Sean D. Fleming, or Ginger Snap manufactured the Tweet.  Each has trouble with spelling and grammar.  I believe Chris Shermer lied about porinting it off the Internet.  I don't believe this was ever on the Internet.

The charge against William M. Windsor in case # DC-14-409 in the Missoula County Fourth Judicial District Court reads: “On or about the 30th day of December, 2013, the above-named Defendant committed the offense of violation of an order of protection when, with knowledge of the order, purposely or knowingly violated a provision of an order provided for in 40-4-121 or an order of protection under Title 40, chapter 15, to wit: “Defendant posted Sean Boushie’s name on Twitter, a third or subsequent offense.”  Elsewhere, this is stated to be the posting of a video with the title: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana and Sean Boushie.  Corruption at its finest.”

Horse manure.

The referenced video was posted on August 23, 2013 on YouTube.  It has never been posted anywhere else.  The video was taken with the permission of the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department and the University of Montana.  It was the last video that I posted to my YouTube account."

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